Dating a man who is afraid of love

Being in a relationship is very important for anybody. In every relationship, both parties are responsible to make each other happy and feel the satisfaction of being together. Unfortunately, there are tough moments that come and this is evident when one partner, especially the man is afraid to love fully and commit. This can be quite frustrating and usually does not end well. The following an excellent tips to date a man who is scared to love.

Find out the reason he is scared

This is a very crucial step in helping you date a man that us afraid of love. Take time to found out the reasons he gives for not loving or committing to the level that you would like. Explore the possible reasons such as family issues, a cheating ex or lack of trust. This helps you know if you can help your man loosen up or if you are wasting your time.

Take things slowly

Something that scares men is getting into a relationship and speeding through. You need to be ready to take things slow and there is no compromise about that. Do not be in a hurry to say, “I love you” or hear the same response from your man. You must be patient with such things because moving fast throws him off the tracks. Be patient when it comes to meeting the family and your parents. Do not push him to do things he is not comfortable doing. This pushes him away from even further.

Develop a deeper connection

Developing a deeper connection with the man you are dating is a plus. A deeper connection does not necessarily entail sex. Make your man see that dating him is not just meeting up, but it is about having a connection. This helps break down barriers and in no time, your man will be up to speed. Knowing each other better will create a strong bond of trust.

Avoid pressure at all times

It can be a big temptation for you to pressurize your man to do things. This is the wrong way to go because he will run away from you. Do not demand an update in his relationship status on social media; this is a recipe for disaster. If he is not comfortable doing something, let it go and forget it. Remember a man is scared to love because he may feel his freedom will be compromised. Avoid situations that may send your man packing.

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