Change Your Life: 10 Questions That Will Improve Your Life Today

10 Questions That Will Improve Your Life Today

When we’re faced with obstacles and challenges in our lives, its easy to blame ourselves and others, but its harder and more important to ask yourself the right questions. Questions that will give you the opportunity to find out how to take the necessary steps to radically improve your life, and experience massive self development and inspiration along the way.

If someone asked you what you wanted out of life, and you answered, “I want to be happy, doing a job I like and a loving family”, its so ubiquitous that it does not mean anything. It certainly doesn’t make it easy to have an action plan and guess what? Every wants that! The important questions to ask will give you the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, if you’re willing to put in the work that is required.

This is why we compiled 10 Questions That Will Improve Your Life, inspired by the work of Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy, authors of the Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Psychology of Achievement respectively.

1. Would I stay in the same job, if I wasn’t getting paid for it?

If you really enjoyed what you were doing, and it was your passion to do it everyday, you would be willing to do it for free. If money is your main motivator, you are in the wrong field and you need to start pursuing your true passion.

2. Do the people I love know I love them, or do I just presume they do?

Loving someone when they don’t know that you do is such a waste of time, that you should pick up the phone right now and tell them, just in case.

3. What kind of struggle am I willing to endure?

Any direction in life we wish to take, will bring a certain amount of struggle and suffering, but it is the passion and love we have for what we do that will allow us to endure that suffering. For you, the struggle will be fun and motivating, for someone else, it will be too much to endure. Find your direction by asking yourself this question.

4. What am I fearful of?

If stress stems from fear, find out what it is that you fear. In your fears, you will find the areas in your life that need work. Find time to concentrate on your fears and eliminate those stresses. Use the stress as an indicator of what you need to work on, while at the same time focusing on developing your strengths.

5. Will this matter in a year?

So many times I have come across a difficult life event, or a challenge that seemed too big to over come. The main question I ask myself is, “Will this matter in one year?” As time passes, events and feelings fade, and life goes on. Whatever you are doing now, or whatever you are concerning yourself with today, better be important in one years time because otherwise, you are not using your time effectively.


6. What am I grateful for?

There are times we forget how lucky we are and what we have. Its important to take stock of how lucky you are to be where you are , with the opportunities you have, and the people around you who love you. Make a list of things and people you are grateful for, and when you reach 20, read back over the list. I guarantee that you didn’t realize how many things there are, and how many more you can think of.

7. Whats my end goal?

Its important to have an end game. And end game is an ultimate direction in which you are headed. It can either be in relation to a specific task or your entire life, but an end game is essential to have so that you can work back from it.

8. What Can I Learn From This?

In every set back, there is a lesson to be learned. If you fail to learn this lesson, you will continue to experience this set back until you ask yourself this question and implement the changes necessary. Every set back is a chance to improve, so embrace challenges as a chance to grow by asking yourself this question.

9. What’s something you would regret never having done in life?

Imagine you are 90 years old, and looking back over your life. When you are contemplating your life, and thinking about all the challenges you overcame, all the experiences you had, what would be the one thing that you will regret never having done? Take some time to really find out what that would be, and make sure you do it, as soon as possible.

10. What excuses do I have left?

Anyone can think of many reasons why they can’t do the things that are required of them to have the quality life that they deserve. Excuses hold you back, and continually dwelling on them is only holding you back. Think about any excuses you have left, and realize that there are no valid reasons why you have given yourself these mental blocks. Excuses are in your control, so take control of them and of your life.

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