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How to break up with a Long Term Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

How to break up with a Long Term Boyfriend/Girlfriend

As much as relationships are hard, breakups are even harder. It is not easy to get over someone but it is hardest to tell someone to get over you. Even though the signs are always there, both parties wait for each other to make the first move and the relationship drags on. Hence, someone has to take the first step and end the dilemma that is dragging both of you into a murky and messy affair. Here are a few things that will help you go through with it amicably –

Meet up at a Neutral Place

You don’t have to meet up at a place where you guys regularly went while you were in a relationship. Go to a place that is completely alien and where you 2 have never ever been. It will set a neutral peace for the long impending talk.

Be Cordial

There is no need to be mushy or push each other into emotional bondages over the relationship. Both of you know it is over and hence, it is necessary to be practical about and not fret over things.

Cut Ties for a While

Even if you decide to be friends and stay in touch with each other, don’t do it right away. For until the whole thing fades away, don’t call each other up and if possible also avoid common friends.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

Yes, it is over and somewhere around both of you have been at fault. It is a good idea to accept it maturely and move on. There is no point beating yourself over things because it is too late anyway.

No Filmy Dialogues

Relationships are often cheesy but you don’t need to drag the cheesiness into the break up. Make it quick short and practical. Do not add to the awkwardness of a break up.

Don’t Linger Along

Once the necessary talks are over split the bills and leave the place. Sitting there for longer is tempting but will not do anyone any good. It is best to get up and leave the place as soon as the customary break up talks, are over.

Phone/Chat/Text are a Big No No

As tempting as it is to break up without meeting, you don’t need to insult someone who has meant so much to you for such a long time by breaking off via text or chat. Tell them in person.

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