A wise man knows the words that leave his mouth before uttering them

The words you use to portray your life play a crucial role. Your thoughts form your words and words turn into action eventually. Those who entertain negative and ineffective thoughts about themselves end up feeling disappointed. Success remains miles away from them and life is full of regrets. Never use words like:

You cannot do it

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Those people who undermine themselves eventually fail to achieve their dreams. You should never say you could not do a certain thing, as nothing is impossible for you if you are strongly determined to do it. Those who touch greater heights of success work hard and never let a single stone unturned to get close to their goals. Your words actually form an image for your unconscious mind, which works as a guiding light. Unconscious mind in return create such circumstances that make your successful in life.

What others think/say

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It is your life and you are responsible for your happiness. You should not bother what others think or say about you, as you can never keep everyone happy. Do what your heart tells you to do even if others do not approve. Those who let others call shots in their lives may find it hard to live a happy and content life.

It’s too late


It is never too late for anything. Those people who do not have full faith in their abilities always find an excuse to give up. If you have a burning desire, you can follow your dreams at any stage of your life. There are many examples of those who chase their dreams and make them come true even against all odds. Take an inspiration from them and follow your dreams.

Life has to be trouble free


Each individual has to face difficulties in life. You must accept everything with open arms. Life is what you make it. Your difficulties and sorrows give you the strength to move on in life. If you do not have troubles in your life, you do not enjoy happy moments too. Bad times make you value time even more.

You need luck to get success

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Those who think that you have to lucky to get success in life close their eyes to the fact that luck favors those who work hard in life. Winners have to sacrifice their comfort and spend sleepless nights to get success in life. When you work the hardest and make consistent efforts luck favors you regardless of anything else.

It’s hard to get success

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You may find it difficult to get a good job that could make you a good provider to your family. However, you must not forget the fact that things could get worse. Millions of people lose their houses to fire and many others fail to make two ends meet. Could you compare yourself with kids at orphan age home who live day by day? There are many examples of those who live life on the edge but do not forget to smile and always keep their hopes up. If your compare your troubles with them you sure would change the way you look at your problems.

You have an option to give up

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If you wish to be a winner in life, never give up on your dreams. As long as you are alive, you have a chance to turn your dreams into reality. Every time you fail, gather your strength, shake your failures and fight back with extra vigor. No one gets success in first attempt. Keep pushing your luck until you get success, as success never comes easy to anyone. You have to sacrifice your comfort and keep yourself motivated all the time so that you do not let single opportunity pass by you.

Do not let negativity enter in t your life as even a single negative thought has the power to turn you into an out and out pessimist. Use your words wisely, as they turn into actions and play a crucial role to make your successful in life.

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