5 Tips to Improve Your Writing Speed

Does the amount of work you get done directly relate to the speed of your typing, but whatever you’ve tried the writing speed isn’t as fast as you’d like it to be? Fortunately, you can do certain things to improve the speed of your typing and accordingly, reach new levels of productivity. You’ll see that these writing speed hacks are easy to implement and so, anyone can do it. Alternatively, if you cannot get work done fast enough, writing help providers, such as Essay Scholar Advisor, may help you get out of the quandary.

With that thought in mind, here are the top five things you can do to have quicker writing speeds:

  1. Divide up the sections


It can be overwhelming to do a task that you have no idea how to start or even finish – especially if it’s thousands of words long. However, if you break up the entire piece of work into convenient sections then you have something to aim for.

For example, start with the introduction and assume that the only task you need to accomplish is the introduction, forget the rest of the content. Consider all the important information the introduction needs to have and don’t stop writing until that intro is complete. Then repeat the same approach for the consequent sections.

By breaking up the work into bite-sizes, you’ll feel less-overwhelmed and the overall speed of your typing will improve.

  1. Induce the right mood

When writing it is important to be in the right frame of mind; else, the quality of writing will suffer. To have a steady flow of ideas without being stuck, you must be relaxed and focused.

Consider the environment you’re working in. If there are people around you making noise, or loud music is playing, then you need to change your environment. Go to the local library if the environment at home isn’t suitable.

On the other hand, you might work better with some soothing music playing in the background such as smooth jazz or classical music. Do whatever is required to get you in the right mood.

  1. Organized notebook full of ideas


Some writers have problems achieving high writing speeds not because of their writing ability, but the fact that they often run out of ideas. One way to avoid that is to have an organized notebook that has a collection of related ideas you can turn to when you feel you’re about to get stuck.

The notebook should be handy at all times, so that as soon as an idea pops into your head it’s on stand-by to digest it. Most of the time, we tend to think of an idea and assume we’ll remember it while putting it down on paper. Unfortunately, that is not always the case; and, if we are being honest with ourselves, we tend to forget the best ideas and never even make the first draft.

Most of us have our mobile phones within arm’s reach 24/7 and there are a lot of great note taking apps out there. Educate yourself on how to utilize their full functionality to never let another idea pass you by.

  1. Don’t worry about mistakes

During your first draft, do not worry about typos, grammar mistakes or even missing important facts. You can correct it all down the line. It’s important to get your first draft down so that you have something to work with. Perfectionism can reduce the speed at which you write and also block the flow of ideas.

It’s hard to get an organic flow of great ideas as you write if you’re constantly stopping the rhythm of your writing to look for imperfections.

  1. Get the right keyboard


It could be that the keyboard you are using is just not made for typing fast on. There is actually a wide variety of keyboards. For the most part, they fall into two categories: membrane and mechanical keyboards. You will want to get the mechanical option as they allow for better feedback. When each key is pressed, you get feedback in terms of feel and sound – a clicking sound is made when a key is pressed.

Furthermore, with a mechanical keyboard, you don’t have to press the key down all the way in order for the input to be registered. Mechanical keyboards differ in terms of what switches they have, which are the way the keys are setup. Some don’t make that “clicky” sound and some don’t give the physical feedback in the same way. You’ll need to decide what works best for you.


Try out the suggestions above to improve your writing speed and skyrocket your productivity in the process, and even these tips to read faster. It will lead to less frustration during larger workload days, and you’ll feel pleased whilst getting more done spending the same amount of time.

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