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Mindfulness & Meditation Break In Ukraine Conference

The trend of integrating Mindfulness Programs in a big events and seminars is growing fast. People have realized the importance of mindfulness to beat stress, increase productivity and get rid of unwanted thoughts and apprehensions, even during the middle of a big event.

In the Ukrainian association of medical tourism, I had opportunities to do two break sessions. One on mindfulness and one on quick meditation. It was nothing less than pure bliss when all of us prioritized our minds and took time for ourselves.

We focused on slowing down our breath to slow down our nervous systems and reset ourselves.

The setting at Hotel Bratislava Kyiv was perfect for Masterclass. Big thanks to team. Also thank you VLADA for video.




It’s truly so powerful and beautiful to be mindful.



Incredible & Awesome Video🙌❤️🔥

I have need again and again ❤️for relaxing ❤️Thanqq

This must be included in all your conferences


Music 🎶 is amazing used in background.

Omg! This is incredible! Such a calming and relaxed video🙌👏

This is so relaxing. Great words by you❤️

Amazing video on #mindfullness

I watched the live session of this. It was good and calming. Satisfied! ✌️

Nice Session on Mindfulness🙌🔥👏

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