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Glimpses of My Splendid Trip to Almaty, Kazaksthan

Almaty is an astonishing tourism destination, boasting majestic mountains, pristine nature, vibrant nightlife and stunning beauty. The city exudes a sense of calm and tranquility, making it the perfect place to unwind and escape the hustle.

Here is a quick video of my trip to Almaty. It includes my review, city photography, wellness experience, time with friends and my encounter with Kazakhstan culture.

The Swissotel Wellness Resort is the perfect place to unwind and recharge. The state-of-the-art wellness center offers a variety of treatments and services to help you relax and feel your best.

I also reviewed The Bali Spa Center at Grand Hotel Tien Shan. The hotel is managed by my good friend Oksana Svetenko. I was thrilled and excited to check out the magical property of the hotel. Elegant massage rooms, uniquely designed interiors, high-tech workout rooms, ancient natural health & beauty recipes, and so many attractive features to create delightful wellness experiences. It was suchagreat treat to my mind, body, and soul that it motivated me to pen a few words about it.

in Almaty, people from all over the world come to enjoy the traditional Kazakh dish ‘beshbarmak’. This delicious meal is made with tender lamb, fresh vegetables, and hand-made noodles, and is served hot and steaming. Dance performances, art museums, and the upkeep of historical museums are all very important to the people of this world. They help us to remember our past, present, and future.

This is the best way to make friends and expand your social circle – by being open and friendly with everyone you meet. You never know who you’ll click with and who will become a lifelong friend.

Thank you dear Oksana Svetenko, for invitation.

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This post is thoughtful, beautiful, and amazing!

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Happy to see wellness retreats taking place all over the world.

Stunning Video

Wow Incredible experience !

Splendid in all respect.

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