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How to deal with work related stress

In today’s world, high amounts of work load and associated stress has stolen many good night sleeps and health and happiness. Here is how you can beat it and bring back your peace of mind.

Evaluation of priorities and their place

A lot of people are stressed because they are not able to effectively manage their work-life which simultaneously disrupts personal life too. It is important that you make a ‘to do’ list and prioritize them. The list should indicate how much time a thing needs to be given according to its priority. Once the priority list has been made, you should place the things effectively in your day so that you are able to do them with ease.

Such an evaluation might help to clarify the thought process and give your work more certainty which might in turn relieve you from stress. It will help you look at your day with more positiveness of accomplishment of every task and also help you find time for family and friends.

Physical and mental exercises

Things tend to happen effectively when both the mind and the body are healthy and responsive. The stress may cause a number of symptoms to show up, mainly physical. Some of the symptoms are anxiety, heart palpitations, muscular tension, head-aches, gastrointestinal dysfunctions and most importantly insomnia. Its very important to urgently and effectively reduce this stress, because otherwise it may lead to more severity of the symptoms and finally leading towards bad mental health or psychological disorders.

It is thus important to set aside some time for physical and mental exercises in your daily routine. The physical exercises might include various forms of exercises and one may choose according to his comfort. They may include gym exercises, cycling, running, swimming, rowing or any other exercise that may help your body in healthy perspiration. The sweating helps release toxins out of the body. The exercises might help improve your breathing and oxygen intake thus in turn helping your brain function more effectively.

Apart from physical exercises, one may also try to benefit from mental exercises that relax the mind and generate internal peace. These may include Yogic exercises, chanting of ‘Om’ etc.


Healthy diet

The daily diet is an important factor in deciding the levels of different minerals and chemicals required in your body to function well. Doctor’s very much advice to eat 5 different fruits each day to maintain some of those levels. You may eat bananas for phosphorous, apples for iron, oranges for Vitamin-C, peaches and guavas. But eating just fruits does not mean a healthy diet. A healthy diet must help you energize your body effectively throughout the day when you’re moving in and out of heavy work-load and must be in accordance to your body’s metabolism rate.

You must include a good amount of roughage in your food. It also helps a lot to maintain the amount of food that you eat at each time of the day and not vary it every day. Fixing a time for breakfast, lunch and dinner on/off work will help a lot.

Laughter and communication

When in stress the body needs a way to relieve it. Laughing and communicating helps in doing so. Laughter is a highly beneficial instrument in relaxation. It helps one work out the face muscles and also breathe well. It also helps to immediately reduce or forget mental pressure. You may try reading jokes or watching comedy videos for relaxation. At work you may try to talk to your colleagues in a happy tone and share those jokes. Communication is another good way to bring mental relief. You may find a colleague or a person that you trust enough and confide things in him. So that in times of stress you may talk to him and release some of your mental pressure. Choose the person wisely; one who understands you well and who can boost your confidence when you are low.

Fun time is only for fun

Be strict with yourself in spending your leisure time only with yourself and your family, strictly away from work. Try making it an objective to spend quality time with your family and friends because they are an important part of your life. Do not forget that you are not a slave to your work; you are its master. So that when its time for you to have some fun, it is meant only for having fun.

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