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The Whole World is a Huge Consciousness

Spiritual Earth

There is no here or there for everything is at one place wherever mind i.e. consciousness is. Mind doesn’t move in the slightest degree. Mind merely is. Mind is all over the nonsense obscurity. Mind is obscurity itself.  We exist along as a singularity in one place and time. Everything is one, here and currently.

Reality or Unreality of life

Reality v/s Unreality

Several events in numerous places that are in synchronization may very well be the moments of constant event. Imagine a fighter jet flying within the sky, with many video cameras recording its movements from totally different angles. Every recording is displayed on totally different screens. Once the fighter jet displayed on one screen turns or moves in an exceedingly totally different direction, all alternative fighter jets within the alternative screens at the same time move in an exceedingly correlate manner. Daily expertise may be a projected in reality wherever things solely seem to be separated in time and area. In an exceedingly deeper reality, we are all members of constant body. Once one a part of the body moves, each alternative half is instantly affected. Separation is an illusion. There’s a dimension of reality wherever we are all inseparably one. Once we feel love in any type, it’s the impact of starting to shatter that illusion.

History of The Universe

The Working of the Universe

Once 2 electrons collide, they exchange energy and data with one another. From then forward, notwithstanding wherever one lepton is, you’ll be ready to tell the situation and momentum of the opposite. Once a modification happens in one lepton, it’ll like a shot be mirrored within the alternative. You’re perpetually ready to grasp in one, what’s occurring within the alternative. After you cause modification in one, you cause modification within the alternative. We tend to exchange parts of our energy fields with one another once we inherit contact, thus we tend to stay inseparably connected in the slightest degree times. Imagine the universe may be an ocean and every folks is a wave in this ocean. The wave and also the ocean are constant. We tend to localize the universe in an exceedingly single purpose in space and time. The soul has 2 elements. It’s each native and non-local. Part of you is localized and part of you is non-local, and connected to everything. You’re the universe, set in your body. Not all of your thoughts, desires and wishes are literally your thoughts, desires and wishes. A part of them are the terrible intentions of the universe.

spiritual Enlightenment

All is one and one is all!

The spirit in Maine is that the same because the spirit in you, and also the spirit of all told beings. Enlightenment is that realization that you simply are the universal spirit perceptive from a selected purpose of life. Everyone is that universal spirit jutting a selected purpose of life. I am indivisible from all that exists, even as you are indivisible from all that exists. You’re a side of infinite intelligence, and infinite intelligence is that the supply of all that exists. Thus you’re the supply of all that exist and you produce your own expertise. Everything is feasible as a result of everything exists at intervals you. Constant boundless potential of the infinite spirit conjointly resides in each one in every of us.

Biological Works

Biological Works

Your soul is that the reflection of all souls. You’re the opposite. While not the opposite, you’d not exist. You’re outlined by your relationships with others. You ought to describe the full universe so as to outline one person. Thus each single person is that the whole universe. Your soul is each personal and universal at constant time. Most are a mirrored image of you. You’re in an exceeding hall of mirrors where each reflection of yourself seems totally different. In others you admire the qualities you most love in yourself. In others you hate the qualities you most deny in yourself. Everybody you see may be a totally different version of you. All the cells in your body begin from only 1 cell. That one cell within the uterus is fertile, grows and divides into 2. The 2 cells grow and divide into four. This method happens fifty times till there are 100 thousand billion cells in your body. That’s wherever the replication stops.

The outer world may be a mirror of you at anyplace and time. If you would like to grasp the state of your personal consciousness, simply surf and see what’s happening to you. If you would like to grasp the state of the collective consciousness, simply surf at what’s happening within the world. Your personal reality is synchronistical organisation by your sense of self in the slightest degree of times. If a vital mass of individuals expressed their higher selves, they’d cause a metamorphosis in collective consciousness and also the world reality. Whenever an individual rises in personal consciousness, he moves the state of the planet towards the next one.

Summary – Everything within the universe is consciousness. All told planes of reality are projections at intervals of the universal consciousness.

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