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How to deal with undesirable employee behavior

undesirable employee behavior

Orchestration of an organization is not quite easy as it sounds. Supervisors and managers face a number of sensitive problems in their routine work. In addition, employees might irritate further by their vague behavior at the workplace. If you are facing difficulties with unacceptable employee behavior, here are a few methods to deal them rightly.

Know your employee’s reasons

There may be a number of reasons for your employee’s vague behavior. If you have monitored their unacceptable behavior in more than two or three instances, it’s time to know the reason. Initially, ask his/her immediate colleagues to know about the troubling employee’s attitude. Become aware of his/her routine nature at the workplace. Make sure that the particular employee is not suffering from any serious issues like the psychological disorder, loss of someone, break-ups, depression, or anything that could literally affect his/her mental state of being. Keep a record of their unacceptable behavior including information like date, time and place. Don’t let them know anything about your monitoring activities. Behave in a normal way while you are in the midst of them, as if you are unaware of their distressing behavior.

Approach the troubling employee

Once you become aware of the reasons for the troubling employee’s unacceptable behavior, you must take action immediately. During the initial stage, try to alert him/her in a casual and friendly manner. You may call them for a chat during the lunch break or any other suitable time, but make sure that there is no one else other than you and your troubling employee, because some employees might feel guilty and ashamed when you describe their problems in front of colleagues or other members. If you don’t find a comfortable space, schedule a private discussion with your troubling employee during the office hours. Make him/her understand that their behavior is preventing the organization’s growth and others’ work as well. If they could realize their mistakes, they would apologize immediately and change their obnoxious behavior.

Issue a warning

In case the troubling employee continues his/her inappropriate behavior even after alerting him/her, it’s time to call him/her back for a private meeting. Remind them about their recurrent behavior. Uncover his/her ignorance about his/her unacceptable behavior. If your organization has framed rules and policies against any of their behavior, make them obvious to the troubling employee. Issue a warning against them. Make it clear that if they exhibit any obnoxious behavior again, you would be bound to take actions as per the guidelines of your organization. Let him/her understand that you are proceeding strictly according to the company’s policies. Once you issue a warning, troubling employees will try to change their attitude, at least for some days. Monitor them carefully and record their improvements, if any.

Fire the employees

At this point, you would have taken all the possible measures from your side to help those troubling employees. If they still don’t change their inappropriate behavior, it’s time to fire them. Make sure that you have all the evidences and legal documents ready for the formal procedure. Don’t hesitate to dismiss them as soon as you can, if you have the authority. Because having them in your organization would trouble the other well behaving employees too. However, make them understand that it was a joint decision from the relevant executives. It’s quite hard and stressful to to face such employees at these critical instances; however, you must make it in order to let your organization grow further towards the path of success. Make the troubling employees understand that the company has did its best to support them. If they get depressed instantly, console them that there are a lot of wonderful opportunities outside and wish them luck. However, be smart and don’t overact at such critical incidents.

Avert such employees in the future

Your part is not complete yet. If you think that firing such employees would solve your problem, you are wrong. You must avoid such employees during the recruitment process itself. It would save your organization a lot of time and money. If you aren’t related to the hiring department, don’t hesitate to contact them and contribute your ideas. As an employee, you can voluntarily come forward to contribute ideas and suggestions, through proper channels and mediums. Suggest your organization to frame suitable policies and guidelines for recruiting new employees. If the entry of nebulous employees are eliminated during the initial stage itself, issues against employees’ behavior won’t swell in the future. Once you practice these techniques in your workplace, you will become more comfortable in dealing with unacceptable employee behavior.

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