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Do you actually know what makes you happy? People always want to be happy. But, most of them do not know how to be happy. This is because they do not know what makes them most happy and people who know what makes them happy, are not willing to trust that thing what makes them happy. No one can predict the future. You may or may not remain happy in the future. So, it is always better to be happy now and enjoy your present days. There is a tendency that happy people are always happy and those who are unhappy remains unhappy always. This can be changed if you trust that what makes you happy.

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How to know what makes you happy?

Most of the time, people do not know how to find it out. You may think that it is a difficult task. But, it is not so always. Just try to think about different things that you do and think, while doing which work you are the most relaxed and feel peaceful. This will be the thing that makes you happy. You may feel happy when you play badminton sometimes, or you may feel happy when you are spending time with a particular person. Try to identify it correctly. Then, trust it completely. Trust that badminton can make you happy forever. Or trust that this person can make you happy and keep you happy for lifetime. This trust can actually help to boost your happiness level. This is what researches have shown.

How to trust?

When speaking about trust, it should not be just a surface friendly trust. You must trust it deeply. For an instance, you must trust like a child. Children are the ones who have maximum trust in everything that they are told to trust. For example, when you throw a child up in the air, it smiles while coming back because it trusts you and believes that you will catch it while coming back. Such must be the trust you make about the thing that makes you happy. Also, trust can improve your relationships with people and give a better meaning to your life. You have to be optimistic about the things that will happen in your life. This can enhance your trust level thus improving your happiness level.

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Try to know the things that can make you happy better. First, think about them and then, practice them daily. Check whether there is any increase or decrease in the level of happiness compared to the previous day. Try to come to a conclusion about what to trust and what not to. Think and know better before jumping to a decision as to what to trust. Any decision taken in haste can go wrong. So, give enough time to decide.

Do keep in mind the above tips and thus, you can remain and maintain your happiness in life by learning to trust the things that can make you happy.

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