Transcend to a higher state and become a happy figure

While everybody strives to be happy, not everybody makes sufficient efforts to find happiness. If you are able to do so, then you may not only be happier yourself but may also spread happiness among other people. You can actually go on becoming a happy figure that is loved by all. However, you will have to be genuine if you really want to look happy. If you do not feel happiness inside with all its genuineness, then it will also not reflect on your face or in your personality. Check out the way you can really become a happy figure for people around you.

Move on from your past


Whether the past has brought you happiness or not, it is not a wise idea to be bogged down by it. You should move on with full energy and thwart all your negative emotions like regret, pessimism, anger and resentment. Your past cannot determine your happiness in future. If you remain worried about your past situations, then you may not choose to be happy. A happy figure means someone who has transcended beyond all negative emotions to move toward positivity in life.

Practice self-control when feeling low

feeling low

If you want to become a happy figure for others, then you should not display your loss of control on emotions. You can only become happier when you practice to control your own emotions, even at a time when you feel low. Maintain yourself in order to show your maturity in adverse circumstances. Remember that nobody likes to hear a joke from a sad person.

Spread joy to gain it

spread joy

Whatever you offer to others comes back to you too. Thus, it is a great idea to give away joy and happiness to others. This will also keep you happy. The joy of giving cannot be superseded by the joy of gaining. Spread joy among people with your little deeds. It is not always about money and material things. You can also give joy to others by doing something that makes them happier. Find ways to make people around you happy so their smile can reflect in yours.

Find motivations to be happy


Remember that there are hundreds of things in this world that can make you happier. If you feel sad when you are alone, then make yourself happier by forming a group of friends. Find motivations to cajole you to be happy. For example, if you are stressed and unhappy because your boss scolded you for some task, then talk it out to a close friend who keeps your secrets. Your friend can be a motivating and consoling factor that takes away your unhappiness.

You may also treat yourself with some favorite things on remaining genuinely happy for a whole day. Similarly, you can watch your favorite movie or show to divert your attention from negative emotions. All such efforts take you to a positive world so the next moment only brings joy to you.

Do not be a crybaby


Finally, it is important that you do not keep displaying negative emotions in front of others. If you keep complaining or crying about issues, then people will only see you as a crybaby. It is okay to share your problems or cry once in a while. However, it is not advisable to keep showing off your weaker side. When you want to become a happy figure, you will have to transcend beyond your weaknesses too. Control your emotions well so you can spread your inner joy to the external world.


You can always become a happier individual by taking control of your negative emotions and weaknesses, while also finding the right things to be happy about.

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