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Tips for successfully dealing with an interfering mother-in-law

Tips for successfully dealing with an interfering mother-in-law

Not all mothers in laws are alike. Some of them are very sweet and understanding but if you were not blessed by such luck then you have probably got a burning problem in your hands. Interference of a nosey mother-in-law can have a daunting impact on your married life. Many women and even men suffer from such issue and find it a hard to tackle problem. Personal relationships are very delicate and you cannot sort them easily. You need to be patient and go to the root of the problem. A nosey or bossy mother-in-law can ruin your relationship with your spouse. It is natural for your partner to respect his/her mother and you have got to understand that. There is no simple remedy to this problem but there are methods and tricks which might be effective for curing the issue.

Understand her perspective

It is not totally appropriate to consider your mom-in-law an opponent you have to win over, but sometimes you can’t help it. Have you ever tried to understand why she is doing what she is doing? May be if you place yourself in her shoes you will get a clearer idea about it. Did she raise your partner alone? Is she feeling insecure? Women often feel as if there offspring are being dragged away from them when they get married. The fear of detachment or neglect makes them behave in a nosey manner. They want a share of your family life. Understanding their perspective will help you solve the matter more easily.

It is not a battle

Remember that there is no war between your mom-in-law and you. Both of you guys are important for your spouse and tension between the two of you must be difficult for him/her. Do not disrespect or be rude to your mother-in-law. If you make a sensible effort to know her and talk with her, she might start feeling relaxed and open up to you. A mutual understanding and trust between the two of you will lead to a long lasting relationship.

Confront, if necessary

If your mother-in-law behaves rudely repeatedly or tries to rule your conjugal life then you will have to ask her to stop. Before confronting her, you must discuss the matter with your spouse. Ask for their help and see what they think about this. If they do not help you even then you have the right to tell your mother-in-law that you do not enjoy her interference in your conjugal matters. Say it in a calm and dignified manner and try to draw the lines without being disrespectful.

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