The tendency of withdrawal among men

There comes a stage in intimate relationships when men show a tendency to withdrawal. Even after giving their best, the women fail to understand the reason behind it. They could not understand what they did or didn’t do that has annoyed their partners.

The psychology and need of men

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The truth is that men always find it hard to compromise with their need of time and space. The more women try to get close to their partners, as they fear losing them, the harder it gets to bring him back on the track. Your partner may try to make sure that his need of time and space is not threatened by the relationship. He does not want you to control him or impose yourself on him.

It’s not about you

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The biggest mistake women make is that they start acting weird as if they are responsible for such behavior on part of their partners. It is never about you. You may hate yourself or start living a miserable life but that hardly serves the purpose. You must understand that this withdrawal does not make you less attractive or adorable since you were never responsible for it.

Here are a few effective tips that can help you ease the pain:

Take good care of yourself

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You must know that you are above everything else. Your happiness is your own responsibility. Do not let a negative experience keep you from looking at other positive aspects of your life. Do not forget to appreciate yourself every time you look into the mirror since you must keep yourself in high spirits to come out strong.

Give him his time and space

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You must stay in touch and convey your feelings the moment you start feeling neglected. At the same time, it is important that you do not overdo things. You must give him the time and space he requires to think over his options. He must not feel that you are at his mercy since men usually like women who love and respect themselves. Do not let anything bring you down. Do not break your routine of everyday life simply because you are going through a rough time.

Don’t act nuts

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It is not the end of the world. You still have so much going on in your life. Those who behave crazy or let their partners dominate every other aspect of their lives always convey a wrong message. Their partners may take it as their weakness or may feel trapped already.

Don’t act needy

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You must not come across as a needy woman since that may scare him off. Talk to him about it. Tell him that you are having a hard time understanding him and are ready to discuss the reason if he wishes to share it with you. Do not look desperate as that is a big turn off.

Don’t hold yourself responsible

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It is not your responsibility at all. Do not feel guilty since that may keep you from moving forward in life. Cry it out if that comforts you and move on with a hope for a better tomorrow. You can take the liberty to confide in your friends who are trustworthy and may boost up your confidence. It may help you ease the pain.

Withdrawal and long-term relationship

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The fear of losing their identity may force men to withdraw in a relationship. They fear their partners may try to change them or control their behavior patterns. Scientific research says that closeness in relationships may have opposite effects. It may add up to the stress level in men but on the contrary may help lower down stress among women.

If you look at the situation from a different aspect, the withdrawal situation gives you an opportunity to win the love of your life for good. Your partner values you even more when he get to know that this relation does not mean a threat to his freedom.

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