deal with sister-in-laws

How to deal with sister-in-laws

Well, it is surely difficult to deal with human relationships, especially when it comes to people you don’t like much. One such relationship is that of your sister-in-law. She is your husband’s sister and you can’t avoid her by whatever means, rath


How to deal with a bad day

Lets face it, we all have bad days. In those days anything that you do or is happening around seems to go in diametrically opposite directions to what you might have imagined. It may happen at work, or at home, or on a trip. But don’t worry. Here’s

How to deal with crisis

How to deal with crisis

Crisis management is very crucial in today’s jet age where unpredictable times loom large in front of us. You need to be prepared to handle any sort of crisis, be it economical, global or personal. Here are some tips on how to deal with crisis.

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