he has a baby mama

How to deal with baby mama drama

Did you think your man to be the greatest in the world, when suddenly realizing one day that you were falling for a wrong person? Can your man no more handle the job of changing the diapers and partying at the same time?? If so, check yourself before you

Happy business colleagues having fun

How to deal with dogs

Taming a dog and keeping it in your home can be delightful. But it should not be considered a cake walk, because there are certain problems that occur with dogs. You have to be well versed with before you decide to have one as a pet. Here’s a guide to h


How to deal with braces(2)

Wearing braces can be painful and a bad experience. However, if you deal with them in the right way, you might not find it so difficult after all.

It is possible to deal with minor burns and scalds

How to deal with minor burns and scalds(Version-2)

It is possible to deal with minor burns and scalds through some effective techniques. It is very important to be prepared so as to deal with the condition better. Listed below are few tips which can be tried.

Strep throat can be very painful and irritating

How to deal with strep throat (Version-2)

Strep throat can be very painful and irritating. But, if proper care is taken along with regular medical assistance, one can get rid of strep throat in a week’s time.


How to deal with credit collectors

Credit collectors have a work profile which does not work in favor of most of the people. Interactions with them can be a real pain at times and handling a situation with collectors can be extremely tricky and frustrating. But don’t worry, here’s what you

People suffer from a heart attack

How to deal with a heart attack

People suffer from a heart attack when the blood supply gets blocked and as a result oxygen supply gets hampered. This results in damage to the heart muscles and can often claim the life of the person or make him disabled. Therefore, knowledge about deali

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