Snobbish flirts- Best Ways to Handle Them

A snobbish flirt is that person who shows interest in the person that they like but at the same time avoids them. This is a classic feature of those people who are insecure when it comes to telling the person of their choice that they care about them. They usually do this is they are unsure about whether the person will feel the same way and reciprocate their feelings. Most of us feel that it is easier to reject peoples than to be rejects by someone else. Since they have no other way to express their feelings, they often end up just flirting with the person because they are interested in them, but snub them because they want to face the rejection:

Snobbish flirts

Face the Problem Head On:

When you flirt back with a snobbish flirt, it shows that you want to receive their flirting but if you don’t address their snubbing you, then you show that you accept that as well. If you don’t enjoy the snubbing, then you should approach the person calmly and express how you feel about this. Addressing their actions can help to eliminate it and both of you can move on. At best they are probably they are trying to see how you react and determine your character through their actions.

Break even on common Grounds:

If you are interested in the snobbish flirt but have no other way to communicate your feelings to the person, you can meet or interact with the person through a mutual friends or meet them in a place that they frequent. Usually snobbish flirts might be a tad insecure, so meeting them through a way that is familiar to them would make it easier to break the ice.

Use the right time and place to approach them:

Don’t always assume that the person is snubbing you because of their insecurity or any other reason. If the person flirts with you but can’t find the time to talk to you, chance are they may be busy, rushing to work or could be running errands -try and plan ahead so that you can find time to interact with that person and flirt back. You can simply have a conversation about work, classes and build up from there. This way you will develop a deeper understanding of the person-their interests and hobbies and whether you like them as well.

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