Simple steps to remain focused on your self-improvement goals

It is an all too common scenario these days. You make it a point to set some self-improvement goals for yourself only to break them the next day. While setting goals is easy, sticking to them is not. The brain is ever so active in taking decision. However, when it comes to auctioning them, the body simply refuses to oblige, giving into temptations most of the time. So how do you go about beating this inaction and temptation? Maybe these five simple steps would help you out.

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Get up Right Now:

So you have made a plan to do something. Well, there is no better time to start it than right now. Forget next Monday, forget tomorrow, and forget a few hours from now. Get up right now and put your plan into action. Everything else can wait for now. Your self- improvement plans would go kaput if you do not actually start following them. So take that first pertinent action that would kick-start yourself improvement plan. Make an appointment for the action right now and stick to it no matter what when the time comes, even if that means letting everything else (and probably everyone else as well) wait.

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Small Goals first:

Let us say you want to reduce about 10kgs of weight. How do you go about doing that? If you set a goal of working out for two hours every day, you will probably end up ditching yourself improvement plan completely the next day. So opt for highly achievable plans first, no matter how ridiculously small they may be. For example, walking 10 minutes a day is not going to help you lose weight rapidly. However, it is a start in the right direction to beat the inactiveness, plaguing your mind and body for quite some time now.

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Remember! Baby Steps:

Commit yourself to showing up for the goals that you set. This commitment is the driving force that would help you realize them. Again, you would need to tackle one goal at a time rather than trying to stuff them all in the same plate. Set small goals and continue to set more goals only after you achieve the initial ones. For example, you may set a goal to run a marathon. However, you cannot possibly do that in one day.

Start small by jogging for about 10 minutes a day. A few days later when this routine becomes easy set the time limit to 15 minutes. Follow it up with increasing time intervals, moving onto the next interval only after you can achieve the previous one with ease. This way, you would be able to progress tremendously without even noticing it. So remember, baby steps and small progressions.

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Be Accountable:

Get the help of close friends and family members who can monitor your progress. These individuals should hold you accountable for regular updates on your progress. Report to them daily about the steps you took to realize your goal, no matter how small they may be. This will help you stay committed and focused on your self-improvement plans.

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Continue Motivating:

Motivation is another pressure that would take you closer to your goals with each passing day. So motivate yourself constantly. Find out the things that motivate you and reward yourself for even the smallest achievements as well. For instance, you can compliment on your looks as and when you notice a visible change after working out. Ask your friends to chip in as well and motivate you regularly.

This way, you can remain committed to turning your self-improvement plans into reality without losing focus along the way.


Most of us tend to set self-improvement plans only to stop following them later. These steps would be of great help in letting you realize these plans.

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