See if you are addicted to love


Love is an assortment of distinctive emotions, states, and demeanor that runs from interpersonal affection to joy. It can allude to a feeling of a solid fascination and individual connection. It can likewise be a righteousness speaking to human thoughtfulness, empathy, and friendship.

It might also portray caring and tender activities towards different people. Every other person at some point in their lives might have experienced that they are addicted to someone, like the person they love is like a drug to them, they can’t live without them. And that’s okay for someone who is madly in love.

So how can you tell if you are love addicted or not? Well, I’m going to talk about its symptoms so go through them and see for yourself if you are truly in love or not!

Well love addiction can be deadly; I mean it’s not actually falling in love. Falling in love and love addiction are two different things. People who are usually love addicted comes from dysfunctional families, they have never been loved, never been appreciated so they crave for love literally.

The person will satisfy her needs by showering the other person with lots of attention and love and blessings.

The person would definitely avoid abandonment. Most of what they do in their relationship will be dictated by the fear of abandonment, rather than love. The love-addicted person will go to extreme extents to nurture and love his partner that he or she would do all the work for them. Some might also take advantage of these love-addicted people.

The love-addicted person will take more than fifty percent of guilt, responsibility and blame in the relationship easily. They will think everything that happened is their fault so they might take extreme measures to resolve the matter. The love-addicted person’s self-esteem will be very low.

Deep inside they would feel like that they do not deserve to be happy and they have to work hard in order to earn their happiness. The persons helpful nature will indicate that he or she is trying to control their partner so that they would feel more secure themselves.

Furthermore, the love-addicted person would be more focused on their fantasy of relationship, they would want to the relationship to work out as they want it to be. Love addicts also have the tendency to get depressed every now and then.

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