Rituals: 6 Simple Ways Of Building Powerful Daily Rituals

Rituals: Focusing On Improving Your Rituals Everyday


If you control what you focus on, you can have the most successful time of your life in terms of your finances, emotions and relationships. Your rituals are the daily habits that are running your life. For some of you, your ritual is working out and the result is a healthy body. You have rituals for your relationships, rituals for your work and for your health.

If you decide to improve your daily rituals, and make incremental changes to improve them on a day to day basis, you will step closer and closer to your goals. Constant progress is the key to your happiness and this method of gradual self improvement and development will make you happier.

So What Are The Building Blocks To A Great Daily Routine?

1. Be In Tune With Your Daily Energy Levels

At certain moments of the day, you have more energy so you must be aware of when those moments occur. Notice when you seem to have the most energy during the day and dedicate those hours to your most important work.

2. Use Creative Triggers

Use the same tools and in the same surroundings to trigger you for work and creativity. Using the same surroundings, even the same music, can help you build associations with creating good work.


3. Manage Your To-Do List

Create a diary or a to-do list but limit the number of items you allow. If you use a small piece of card, or an entry into your schedule, make sure there aren’t too many items for you to do. Don’t add throughout the day. Most things can wait for tomorrow so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

4. Keep A Journal

Write down every commitment you make to yourself and others, and record relevant information that will help you reconnect with people further down the line. Don’t rely on your memory, it will let you down. Record important pieces of information and review them at the end of the day.

5. Maintain A Work/Life Balance

A work life balance doesn;t mean turning off your cell phone and refusing to do any work whatsoever. It refers to allowing certain portions of time in your day for other activities which will indirectly make you more productive. Hobbies and social activities are an essential part of your day to day life so ensure enough time for both.

6. Dedicate Yourself To An Hour Of Self Improvement A Day

Use this time to educate yourself in the field that you are working on, or an area you want to learn more about. Read books on self development and commit yourself to doing this regularly. Schedule a specific time in your day for this and stick to it. No matter what you do, don’t do anything but learn during this time.


Your routine is personal to you and it will take some time and practice to make it work. Find one that fits you perfectly. It has to aid you and not hinder you, so continually adjust it until its right for you.

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