Relationship pitfalls to be wary of

Relationship pitfalls to be wary of

Life of a human being is full of relationships, be it a relationship with a friend, family, relatives, neighbors, children, or with a beloved. Every relationship has its certain rules and regulations, which when observed with loyalty, make a relationship work. We all yearn for lives wherein good people and happy relationships surround us, and we feel happy and keep others happy. However, reality is a bit different, as making a relationship successful and happy is not an easy task, and it surely is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Here, we are referring to love relationships, which demand equal participation of both partners in order to keep the love and happiness alive, and to maintain a strong bond forever. It requires many qualities and determination in both the partners to get along together in a harmonious way, and to conquer all pitfalls that come in the way. The pitfalls are traps and evil plots, and once you fall in, it becomes really hard to save your relationship from adversities.

It is better you be cautious of all such pitfalls and prevent hardships and obstacles to come and harm your bond. Click through to find out the pitfalls that one should be wary about in a relationship:

The Change Pitfall

Change is a universal truth, we all have heard this innumerable times, still many of us in a love relationship tend to forget this truth and do not change. For instance, when a relationship starts, both the partners happen to share many mutual beliefs and likings, but with the passing time, there comes a change of thought and opinions and preferences in people. It is normal, as change makes life interesting and shuns monotony. Trouble sets in when only one partner changes while the other keeps clinging to the old nature, behavior, and thinking. Under such circumstances, the conflicts between partners upsurge and bitterness ushers in a relationship. The conflicts can take some real serious forms as well, so ensure that you and your partner are on the same page regarding every single change, and both the partners must have appreciation for the change that comes in each other over a period.

The Taken for Granted Pitfall

When we fall in love with someone, we are ready to serve him or her well and at times, we do not even mind to go out of the way to make him or her happy. One does not expect something big in return but just a few words of appreciation and recognition. These two things are of paramount importance to keep a relationship going in a smooth and a harmonious manner. In some relationships, one partner starts taking the other partner’s love and care for granted, and believe me there is nothing more frustrating than this. One partner keeps doing all good and loving stuff and the other partner stops putting in efforts to make the other feel special. This is one of the biggest reasons of bitterness in relationships, so beware of this deadly pitfall.

The Communication Pitfall

Communication is an integral part of any relationship, and lack of communication or improper communication is potent enough to break or make a relationship bitter. Three types of communication are bad for a relationship. First, the one that is manipulative. Second, the communication that one uses to deceive one’s partner, it cause a breach in trust, and the third is a communication that has double meanings, as it creates utter confusion and eventually frustration in partners.


Love relationship is a path filed with many special moments along with a number of pitfalls and traps that try their best to make relationships problematic. To have a perfect relationship, people need to know what those pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

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