How to deal with regret

Regret is a part and parcel of life and affects emotional stability of a person. It can transform a positive and cheerful individual into a disaster of pessimism. Here are some ways to deal with regret and do away with unhappiness.

Develop a forward-looking approach

The mistakes you did are part of your past. Most people have this habit of regretting their past which is in fact a sheer waste of time and useful energy. All the time and energy that could have been spent in doing something constructive for your present and future is wasted in regretful thinking which leads to even more destructiveness in your life. The only moment under your control is the present. Improve upon the mistakes you have committed and develop a forward-looking mindset.

Excercise forgiveness

We all know how we forgive our close ones for their mistakes. Just like that, learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes. Forgiveness is a commanding power to tackle regret. It is a very affectionate thing you can do for yourself. Remind yourself that the mistakes you did helped you grow as a person. Believe that mistakes and failure are part of your learning curve. Convince yourself to forgive you. It will help you move forward in life.

Extract lessons from your mistakes

Find out the answer to the question, “What can i learn from this mistake?”. More often than not, you will find a logical answer for yourself. Jot down all those answers on a sheet of paper and analyze them. Once done, persuade yourself to apply those learnings to your present. Learning leads to mental growth of a person and when you are focusing on growth, it is harder to feel that you have lost something and the feeling of regret stays away, more often than not.

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