Reddit: The Top Sub-Reddits for Self Development and How To Use Reddit as a Self Improvement Tool

Reddit: What is Reddit and How Do I Use It?

Reddit has quickly become the front page of the internet. By relying on its users to generate its content, Reddit amasses the best links from different parts of the internet for its readers enjoyment. By voting for the links they like, the most popular links rise to the top of the front page. The front page of Reddit is a collection of the mot popular pages on the internet, and because the page is dynamic, the list is constantly changing.

The site has smaller Sub-Reddit’s which cater to specific niches. Each sub-Reddit is ran by moderators and the content is generated by the subscribers of that Sub-Reddit. As a self development tool, Reddit is an invaluable resource of useful information and valued opinions.

Below, we have compiled the best Sub-Reddit’s based on the category or area of interest.

1. Motivation

/r/GetMotivated/ is an incredible collection of motivating stories of success in the face of adversity and the best motivational posters. One quick scan of this page everytime you think twice about going to thee gym will make it impossible for you not to go.

/r/GetDisciplined is a more advanced group where the focus is on how to create more discipline in your everyday life. Read tips from people who have mastered it and share your insights as you improve.

2. Social Skills

/r/socialskills is a group dedicated to improving your communication skills which will allow you to build better relationships with your social circle. This subreddit is full of social skills tips and advice.

3. Relationships

/r/relationship_advice is a great place to ask people at different stages of their relationship specific questions and gain valuable insights into how you can improve yours.

4. Lifestyle and Rituals

/r/ZenHabits is a simple but very popular sub-Reddit for tips on happiness, goals, relationships, meditation, and self-improvement.

r/Buddhism is a great resource on anything Buddhism related. The group is managed and maintained by a team of experts in Buddhism making this sub-Reddit a great tool for anyone interested in practicing the religion or just to find out more about it.

r/Meditation is place where people who practice meditation on a regular basis, share their best practices. Find out why meditation is beneficial for your health and start meditating today.

5. Lifehacks

/r/LifeHacks  has over 200,000 subscribers which makes it one of the largest on Reddit. The mantra of LifeHacks is solving everyday problems with everyday tools and ingenious ideas. You’ll find some great tips on how to make better use of the items around your home.

6. Attraction

/r/Seduction is the self proclaimed ‘Reddit self improvement and seduction community’. A huge network of people learning about the laws of attraction and sharing their stories of success and failure. Its a fun read and everyone can get something from this group.


7. Fitness and Health

/r/Fitness  is the number one sub-Reddit for fitness enthusiasts. With almost 400,000 subscribers and links to some great fitness articles make the group fun and informative for everyone.

/r/Loseit is a sub-Reddit dedicated to those who want to lose weight. With meetups and social events to help its members lose the weight that they want, lose it has helped thousands of people get to the body weight they desire. The great thing, you can enjoy their journey and share in their achievement.

8. Positivity and Self Improvement

/r/DecidingToBeBetter is another Sub-Reddit dedicated to posting articles that help and encourage its readers to pursue their goals and encourage positive habits that will aid your success.

/r/Happy is a positive hub on Reddit. Its users post stories and articles that highlight reasons why you should be happy.

 9. Financial Advice

/r/PersonalFinance shares advice on how to manage your personal finances and get your money matters in order. Users share tools on how to invest into your future and build yourself a valuable nest egg.

10. Professional Advice

This category has too many Sub-Reddits to miss out so here is a list of the best:

Other Sub-Reddits to visit:

If there are some relevant Sub-Reddits that we have forgotten, please share them below. If you found this article useful, please share on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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