Reality, the mirror of your thoughts

A quote by Henry Ford “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right” is rightly said. There is nothing you get from the outside world; everything you get is the manifestation of your thoughts. The more your dreams are supported by your positive thoughts and attitude, the more you will see them come true. This is not just a thought ornated with beautiful words, but a truth that works behind the force of life. Living this thought can change your life and shape your destiny as per your dreams.

There was a man who used to make his living by selling helium-filled balloons in a fair. He used to release a balloon in the air to make his sale go up. He had balloons of different colors- red, blue, green and yellow. Once a small boy came to him and asked, “If you release this black balloon, would this also fly like other ones?” the man replied “it is not the color of the balloon but what’s inside the balloon that makes it go up.” Similarly, it is the outcome of your thoughts that you are circumscribed by unpleasant situations or you soar high with your dreams and make them come true to life.

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