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Personality Traits in women that make men fall head over heels in love with them

Personality Traits in women

Ever wondered what makes men fall in love with a woman? Well, men are thought to be the ones who can fall for any woman who has charming features and required curves in their body. However, this is not an absolute truth. Falling head over heels in love with a woman for a man does not solely depend on these two factors. It takes a lot more than this, as it is not just the beauty and sexiness that they look in a girl whom they are planning to make their soul mate. What they look for is a complete package, which captivates them. A combination of personality traits, brain, her body, and her magnetism should make them feel that this is my girl; she has to be a part of my future. Therefore, coming to the point, we are going to discuss some of the personality traits in a woman that attracts a man and make him fall for her.


One personality trait that has been widely seen to be an influencing factor for a man to start loving a woman is the display of self-confidence by a woman. It is a fairly known fact that majority of men just cannot stand those weepy, over-emotional, and over sensitive girls and women. What they like is a woman who is extremely confident about herself, her image, and her body. Basically, a confident body language is what attracts a man towards a woman.


Intelligent women tend to attract more men in comparison to the not so intelligent women. Men like smart, articulate women who have their own opinions about subjects and various day-to-day affairs. Men like indulging in conversation with a woman who has her own individual opinions and point of views.


A man tends to fall for a woman who has a good sense of humor, and more than this, he wants such a woman who laughs on jokes that he cracks in order to impress her. Many a men use sense of humor as a good impressing strategy. So women, if you want to make a man fall in love with you then do not forget to laugh on their jokes, even on the lame ones.

Health conscious

This is another major personality trait that captures men’s attention towards women. Men like women who are extremely conscious regarding their diet, exercising, take proper care of their hair, nails, and the ones who dress to kill.

Loyalty & Honesty

Honesty and loyalty is a trait that men find even more essential than the beauty aspect in a woman. This is because a man is an insecure creature who is too desperate and wants his woman to be loyal to him, as in she should be the one who stands by him through thick and thin. And they like honesty in women, as in they like the ones who say what they do and just do not pretend to be someone else.

Good Listening Ability

Although men love women who are opinionated and participate in debates with them, but still somewhere within they feel that a woman must be a good listener. She should talk but not too much, rather she should sit back and listen to his commentary happily.

Give them their space

Men are very clear with their requirements and routines. They cannot stand restrictions coming from the women. This is why they like open-minded women who live and let live. Men fall for women who love them and give them their required space in life.


Nobody is perfect, and so are men. In spite of all the imperfections, men want a woman who loves them, cares for them, and forgives them. They do not like women who pick every fault of theirs and keep cribbing over their imperfections.

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