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Our life is mere reflection of our thoughts – Dr Prem

Our life is mere reflection of our thoughts - Dr Prem

lifeEverybody lives differently but they learn the same lesson at the end of the day. We live with many kind of people around us; few inspire us, few teach us, few love us, few hurt us and few creates an impression upon us; and thus all indirectly give us path towards choosing a way of living and deciding the principle tools for life ahead. It is upon us what message we are taking from our surrounding. It is upon us to fill our life with positive or negative message, since life is mere reflection of our thoughts; we need to light our thoughts.

Negativity in thinking is most common in today’s life. It is nothing but a surrender attitude of self that believes that demanding situation is not in control. Darkness prevails when there is lack of light which makes us invisible to our own eyes. A life, far from reality is nothing but leading into the darkness of the world which forbids us to learn good lesson from the surrounded people with whom we live with. So we should avoid negative thinking at work, in society or in personal corner and move ahead in life with a confidence that human capabilities are unlimited. If we determine ourselves that there is nothing impossible for human being then we can achieve anything out of this world.

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