Make love to your man and make him crave you more

making him crave you

Love and sex are the two main elements for keeping a relationship alive and keeping that spark ignited. So this article is going to be all about how to make love to your man and how make him fall deeper in love with you. As they say, it takes two to tango, but the dance is really enjoyable if both parties take an interest and play their part.


When was the last time you initiated sex? When was the last time you sexually aroused your significant other? Every man wants her wife to initiate the sex every now and then. Why should he be the one to always initiate it? If you don’t do it very often, he will start losing interest and start wondering why you don’t come to him. So initiate the sex more.

Don’t let the intimate moments pass by

I’m sure this has happened more than once. How many times did your man come to you signaling for sex but you were busy with dishes or cooking or busy on the phone? Don’t let these intimate moments pass by easily. If it’s possible for you, leave everything aside and go make love to your man and enjoy while you can.

Understand what sex is about

It is about so many things; love, joy, excitement, eroticism, connection. Sex could be simply about connection also. So connect with your partner while having sex. Understand his needs and try to understand what pleases him the most. Make your sex life more than just about sex, make it about connection and affection, bring more joy to your sex life and simply enjoy!

Make him fall deeper in lover with you?

There are three simple steps to this so let’s have a look!

Change your attitude in bed

You should have a pleasing attitude when you are in bed with your husband/boyfriend. Keep the worries out of the room.

Give him blow jobs

Blow jobs are the key to satisfying the man’s sex life. Even though he might not ask you to do it but every man desires for it. So a blow job can be your way of making him fall deeper in love with you.

Figure out his brain

Figure out what pleases him. The more you please him the deeper he’ll fall for you.

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