Live it or Leave it – Learn to live with passion

Life is better lived when you have a passion for living. Live your life and do things like you will do them for the last time.

Live it or Leave it – Learn to live with passion

So many people complain of boredom and lack of interest in their lives. “I am not satisfied with my job”, “I am not satisfied with my relationship”, etc are common everyday sentences that we see people around us uttering all the time. When you witness this phenomenon the next time ask yourself these questions-

  • What makes me/them say this ?
  • Why am/are I/we unsatisfied with the current scenario?
  • Have I/we tried to change the situation at all?

When we sit back and think over these facts we will realize that we are leading a life devoid of passion towards the things that we do and the lives that we lead. We just exist, not live. Living a life consists of embracing things with passion, like you are really excited and feel wonderful about the life that you lead, the things that you do. It involves a lot of other things and tweaks that you should make to change the current situation which is not suiting you.

Live a Life

  • Put a finger on it – Many a times , we just do not know what we want, all we know is the things that we do not want. We think it is a minor setback, perhaps we are having mood swings but you have got to realize that if your ‘mood swings’ are continuing and you are just not happy, you have to focus on what it is exactly that is making you feel this way. Find out the core of your unhappiness. Do you not like your job? Do you want a promotion? Would you rather do something else? Do you want to be with someone? Take some time out alone and ask yourself these questions.
  • Take a step– When you have found out what exactly is bothering you, take steps to change it. Ask yourself what tweaks you can make in your life to change it for the better, for yourself as well as for your dear ones. Remind yourself that a life of mere existence is a true failure. Devoid of passion in life, towards the things that you do make all the difference. After all, what stays behind ? When you depart from the world, all you will remember is the things you wanted to do but never did because of lack of self-conviction. Take a leap of faith and start believing and changing your life the way you want to lead it.
  • Quit the things you hate – Why stick to something if it is nothing close to what you want? Adjusting to situations is a good thing but making huge sacrifices for things that are not worth it is just foolishness. Do not continue with a job that doesn’t optimize your skills , do not stick to a relationship that is not giving you what you want. Take chances and let go. Only then can you make changes and work on making your life better.
  • Do the things you love – If you are stuck at a job or workplace you absolutely hate but cannot leave, do not worry . Focus on the other important aspects of life. Do not let the work interfere and invade your personal space. Find the other things you like in life and take time out to do those instead of focusing on negative energy and feelings. If it is dancing you like, go for dance lessons no matter how bad you are at it. If you like baking, whip up a beautiful cake. If you like flowers and plants, plant yourself a garden. You will soon realize that as you are getting more and more involved in doing the things you love, the negative energy has subsided and stopped to exist at all.Girls on beach
  • Do not be selfish – Your dreams are important but we should also realize that our lives are tied to others as well. When you work on living your life with passion, make sure you also have the well-being of your dear ones at the back of your mind. You are important, so are they.
  • The little things in life – When was the last time you walked on a beach and just really felt the wetness of the sand at your feet? When was the last time you had an enjoyable dinner with your family and heartfelt chatter with your best buddies? When was the last time you really played with and patted a puppy? Is the little things in life that bring so much happiness and joy into our lives. To live a life of passion, learn to welcome all of them.

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