Do you know ways of finding love and romance – It’s just in his kiss!

Kissing normally offers important clues concerning whether a couple is suited for each other or not. There are some signals, which the intimacy associated with kissing provides. These signals can tell if you and your partner are compatible.

Women perceive kissing as a very vital aspect in a relationship. Kissing may result in plenty of arousal. Research shows that sex is not always the driving factor.

Kissing someone who you view as a potential partner can make it easier for women to evaluate the hereditary qualities of the said person.

Kissing is very significant because it means that when you and your partner are kissing you are very close to each other. All your senses are occupied which enables your bodies to evaluate the potential and compatibility for a future relationship. According to studies carried out by Helen Fisher, kissing came into being to make way for some other essential needs; attachment, romantic love and sex drive. Kissing assists women to find the right man or make a commitment to a particular person.

A good kiss has the capability to dilate your pupils and quicken your pulse rate. This is most probably why most people close their eyes when kissing. The brain gets excess oxygen which makes our breathing to become irregular.

There is a rise in the dopamine neurotransmitter that is responsible for desire and craving. Serotonin stimulates compulsive thoughts about your partner. Oxytocin is also commonly referred to as the love hormone. Oxytocin helps in fostering a sense of being attached to one another, which is very important in upholding a healthy relationship for the long term.

According to research carried out by Gordon Gallup who is a psychologist at the Albany University, 66% of women and 59% of men have put an end to a relationship due to a terrible kiss. There are instances that kissing doesn’t go well which can make the romantic feelings that you had for someone to change instantly.

The sense of smell is accountable for all these feelings because you get subconscious traits about the DNA of your partner or his/ her reproductive status. Researchers found that women are more attracted to men with a totally different code of the immune system than theirs. Kissing hence plays as the litmus test to measure if the relationship can be pursued for the long term.

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