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How do you know if it’s time to Move in?

it’s time to Move in

So, you have been dating this super awesome guy since a long time and you guys seem to really hit it on? It has been a while since you guys are dating and it feels like, you should be taking your relationship to the new level. However, none of you are sure if it is time or not. There are signs that are pretty clear but both of you are extremely apprehensive about it. How do you then decide whether or not you should be taking the next logical step? Here are a few tips that will help you out –

How comfortable are you with each other?

If you have grown at home with each other and couldn’t care less about the world then, you have nothing more to think about. The 2 of you can definitely go ahead and live together without bothering about anyone else. If you can yell, “Tequila” in the middle of the street and embarrass yourself and still know that your bf/Gf will not judge you for this, you have laded yourself an emerald that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Without further ado, you guys should definitely be living together.

You have Survived the Tough Times

Your relationship has gone through a really tough time and the 2 of you have come out of it stronger and better individuals. The respect and admiration that you have for each other has increased tremendously. You both know that if you guys can survive this then you guys can survive absolutely anything and hence, you are going to stick by together for a long time to come. Hence, a tough time is a test for the coming days and if you have been together through that, be happy about it.

There is Respect!

If the 2 of you respect each other and the bond you share immensely then, you are going to go together a long way. You aren’t going to mistreat each other or take each other for granted because you treat each other with respect. Only if there is respect in the relationship can one live together otherwise it is going to seem like a hell hole and you will want to walk out at some point in time or the other. Hence, unless you are sure of this feeling of respect, you shouldn’t be thinking of living together.

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