How to deal with jealous girlfriend

Jealousy is an intense emotion which if unchecked in the initial stages can cause harm to a person. It is responsible for end of relationships in many cases. Jealous individuals always live in the fear that their partners do not love them and will eventually abandon them. So if you too have a jealous girlfriend instead of running away from her try to use the following solutions.

Talk to her about her fear and anxieties

It helps to let your girlfriend know that she can talk to you about any of her fear and anxieties and discuss with her where are they coming from. Try not to dismiss her feelings completely as it only increases her misunderstanding about you. There are many benefits if you can make a jealous girlfriend talk about her feelings. If she can talk about her fears and anxieties effectively she can easily move ahead of them.

Be available and responsive

If you are there for her whenever your girlfriend needs you it would really help to calm her down and make her believe you. If you continue to show her that you can be counted on and believed, over a time your girlfriend will become less suspicious. You should constantly assure her that there is no threat to your relationship from any other woman. Try to give her details of the time you stay away from her. Let her interact with your family and friends. Talking to your near and dear ones may make her realize that her fears are unfounded.

Fear of female friends

A jealous girlfriend always lives in the fear that you are out with your female friends and something wrong is going on. All your time away from her, she is always thinking about them. So you should introduce her to your friend circle and make her realize that your female friends are nothing more than friends. She must realize that you are not always searching for female company as soon as you leave her.

Role reversal

If you are irritated by your jealous girlfriend calling you again and again being suspicious on you and if you have spent many sleepless nights because of her, just assume the role of a jealous boyfriend. Just like her keep calling her again and again asking about her whereabouts and what she is wearing and who she is with. After a few days of these calls she may realize how annoying it can be.

Professional help

If all these ways have proved no good for you try to seek some professional help from a counselor or psychologist. Accompany her whenever she goes to meet him. An experts interference and advice may erase irrational thoughts from her mind and she may become the old loving caring and ideal girlfriend for you.

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