How to deal with terrorists

Terrorism is a serious threat to peace. Be it the Asian Subcontinent or United States of America, all have to face the serious threat of terrorism that arises from various quarters. Dealing with terrorists is a sensitive issue and countries following democracy all over the world have distinct policies for dealing with issues related to terrorists and terrorism.

Adopting a tough approach

Terrorism needs to be dealt with a tough hand. As the terrorist are hard core fanatics mostly brain washed to conduct attacks often with disastrous consequences, a pro active approach leading to their elimination is the best course that needs to be adopted to deal with them.

Fast track courts needs to be set up to tackle this problem. Instead of dragging the cases involving terrorism, judgement needs to be issued immediately.

Negotiating with terrorists

Numerous instances exist across the world in which people take the wrong path due to any injustice done to them. They feel that picking up the gun will solve their problem. Fanatic groups in distinct countries give shelter to people who rise up against the system. Such people can be brought on the path of peace through negotiations.

Having a rehabilitation policy for such terrorists is the best way to reform them. Every country promotes such endeavours and rehabilitates people who wish to give up the gun. Proper orientation and counselling will reform such people and it is a matter of time before they become a part of society.

Eliminating the root cause

Terrorism prevails in regions that are economically deprived of developmental schemes launched by the government. Care should be taken that developmental policies reach those who feel deprived. Youth should be give preferential treatment while implementing development programs as these very youth get strayed easily by the gun culture.

Terrorism is a social curse. Fanatic groups will always try to instigate people to take up the wrong path. Adopting a well defined strategy that works on multiple fronts is the best way to deal with terrorism.

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