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How to deal with online stalking

deal with online stalking

Online dating and chatting these days are the nicest ways in which you can consider meeting with new peoples and making new friends. However, there are many people who simply switch over to different online dating sites in order to interact with lots of other people around the world and form a lasting relationship with them, but you might also come across individuals who might persist in harassing you online. They might contact you online even if you are not interested and send you unwanted messages. Sometimes they try to fetch your personal details also by hacking your internet accounts or personal email Ids. So, it is extremely important for you to get rid of such people and learn how to deal with online stalking the right way.

First of all, I would like to explain to you the right meaning of online stalkers. An online stalker is any person who keeps on contacting you even after you say no to him or her. He or she might send you unwanted messages on a dating site and stalk you online. An online stalker is the person whom you might have possibly ignored or rejected previously. If you are also suffering from online stalking, then it is extremely important for you to take the few necessary steps in this regard.

Take help of stalking campaigns

There are a lot of people who cannot take up or handle rejection and they persist in making contact by sending texts, emails, messages or even making calls every day. Even after telling such persons that you are not interested, they try to stay in touch with you through calls or messages all the time. However, there are a lot of stalking campaigns by which you can get rid of such online stalkers in the best possible manner.

Getting rid of online stalkers     

There are different tactics by which you can get rid of online stalkers in a quick and easy manner but it is extremely important for you to understand the level of stalking. If you are receiving unwanted messages on an online dating site, then you must immediately block their identity. If your online stalker has other ways of contacting you rather than sending messages online, then you must consider blocking them immediately. You can also create a new profile in order to get rid of such online stalkers. If they continue harassing you, then you must try to suspend your membership and deactivate your profile for some time so that the stalker moves on.

If your online stalker knows your email address and troubles you by sending unwanted emails, then you must simply block them. Make sure that you do not reply to their messages because this might encourage their twisted fantasies. You can keep their messages in your inbox and use them for producing evidence on a later date.

There are many online stalkers who try to harass people by abusing or insulting them on popular social networking sites. They might write abusing stuff about you and post it on your social networking profile. They might also create defamatory blog posts and send it to you on a dating site. So, you must immediately report them because sending vicious posts and abusive comments to anyone is a serious offence. Make sure that you collect all the evidence and take help of local law enforcement authority. They will surely help you and guide you in the right direction.

How to deal with real world stalking?

If your stalker has your contact number, then the harassment might prove out to be a lot more real for you and it might make your life unhappy and miserable. If your stalker troubles you by making calls all the time or sending you unwanted text messages, then you must immediately change your contact number. You can also buy a cell phone which features the “block number” facility.  This will surely help you in getting relieved from real world stalking in the best possible manner.

If your stalker knows your address and he often hangs around your home or workplace, then it is extremely important for you to call a cop or lodge a complaint against them. There are many stalkers who try to follow people on the streets and try to talk to them forcefully. You must immediately make an official complaint against such people. If you want, you can also consider consulting a friendly law enforcement officer in this regard. He might counsel your issues carefully and help you in a proper manner.

So, these are some of the amazing ways by which you can get rid of online stalking in the best possible manner. You can also take the help of internet and go through different online tips in order to get rid of online stalking in a safe and easy manner.

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