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How to deal with communication problems

How to deal with communication problems

Dealing with communication problems is no mean task. If you know how to deal with conflict then it will be slightly easier for you to deal with problems related to communications. The three key elements required to resolve serious communications problems are compassion, empathy and patience. You must try to avoid ambivalence under any circumstances to fix any sort of communication problem.

1. Find out the cause

This is perhaps the most important and the first step in dealing with communication problems. You need to get the other person talking and find out what really happened. You must be a very good listener in order to deal with these problems. You need to assure the person that you will listen to him/her privately and will present an objective view of the situation. Do not pressurize the other person in speaking with you. The person should be allowed to vent out his feelings and anger, if any. Once you allow him/her to do that, the real cause of the communication problem will become apparent.

2. Explain the ground rules

When trying to resolve communication problems, it’s important to set some basic ground rules. First, the parties should agree that all conversations will be paced civilly, with no one raising their voice or using condescending language. Second, both sides should plan out a mutually-agreeable way of addressing issues so that each person has a chance to have their say and is listened to respectfully. Finally, if tensions rise or discussing a sensitive issue becomes difficult, be sure to take a break before returning back to the conversation. Establishing tips for having a civil dialogue can help ensure that communication problems are addressed in an effective manner.

The people who are experiencing communication problems must sit together and determine the basic or ground rules. We all know that arguing is a valuable skill but doing that without proper cause and without limits can prove to be counter-productive. Both parties must understand that there are unacceptable ways to fight with each other and one should never venture into these territories. The ground rules should clearly define how an argument will progress. For example, personal attacks are a strict no-no and should never be encouraged.

3. Consider the cultural differences

It is a known fact that cultural differences between people can lead to serious communication problems between two or more parties. A simple lack of understanding can pave the way for a serious breakdown in communication which may eventually lead to conflict. Try to understand each other by listening carefully to the other party’s arguments and his point of view. This will lead to better understanding of the situation.

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