How to deal with a flat tire

At one point of time, every person has a faced the problem of flat tire. It is a common scene, which can be seen on rocky paths and even on a freeway. Having a flat tire is the worst possible satiation when you are on your way to something important. For such situations, it would be better if you stay prepared. You have to familiar to the causes, which can cause a flat tire so that you can try to avoid those circumstances and reach your destination on time. Various websites have been designed which is providing information about the reasons because of which you might have a flat tire. With help of these portals, an individual can acquire detailed information about situations where you can have flat tire.

Reasons of having a flat tire

One important thing, which you should understand, is that, you should never drive your automobile with a flat tire as it can cause damage to the rim and alignment of other tires can change with a result that you will have problem in driving your automobile smoothly. Below mentioned are some of the reasons because of which you can have a flat tire. Knowing these reasons would be beneficial for you as you will be able to deal with the situation of having a flat tire.

Jagged Objects: This is one of the major reasons of having a flat tire. A screw or nail can easily puncture the tire of your automobile because of which you can have a flat tire. These objects are mostly unseen and you do not have the idea when it can be stuck in your automobile to give you a flat tire. Avoiding roads filled with debris as it can save you from having a flat tire.

Leak in valves: Leakage in valves of your tire is the second reason of having a flat tire. The dirt inside the valves can cause damage to the valves, which in result give you a flat tire. Because of continuous usage, tires wear out with a result of having week valves. The leak is not noticed at an instant, but when you are feel bumpy while driving your vehicle then it is a point that your valve stem is damaged and has given you a gift of flat tire in middle of the road.

Bead Leeks: For those who do not know what tire beads are, it is a surface where tires are sealed. Leakage in those beads will result into a flat tire. While driving your vehicle, you will not feel the problem, but gradually the tire will be losing its air and can result into a flat tire. In various occasions, people have stated that they had a flat tire even when their vehicle was not moving. One should understand that this is the result of leakage in tire beads. For checking this problem, you can spry on the tires and valves, if you see any bubbles, then you must get it fixed instantly or you might have to face the problem of flat tire.

Blowout: Over pressure of air in your tires can cause a blowout and give you a flat tire. This is one of the most dangerous situation and you really do not want to face it. Always check the tire pressure when you are getting it filled.

Vandalized: If you have parked your car somewhere and on returning, you find a flat tire, then you do not have to jump onto conclusion. Someone might have let the air out from the tires. Get in touch with a professional to know the actual reason.

What to do when you have a flat tire

There are various important aspects, which you should know so that you can deal with a flat tire in a hassle free manner. Below mentioned are some of the tips, which you can take into use when you face the problem of flat tire.

Carry a spare: Remember that you can have a flat tire anywhere while driving. To deal with such a situation, carry a spare tire with you in the car bunk. This is the best method of dealing with a flat tire in middle of the road. Changing a flat tire is not a tedious task, you just have to know the process and carry all the essential tools along with you so that you can change the tire in a hassle free manner.

Get Assistance: If you are not having the experience of changing a tire, then you must ask for help. Calling the local assistance for help would be beneficial for you. You can even turn on the indicators and pull open the hoods of your car as it a good signal for passers to know about a break down. The passers can help you in changing the flat tire and even lend you tools if you are short of some.

Tire Sealant: If the reason of having a flat tire were leakage in valve stem or beads, then taking use of a tire sealant would help. You can keep the sealant in your automobile and use it when required. This will give you a temporary solution but it will be helpful until you reach a repair shop.

Call for a tow van: If you are not having a spare tire and stuck in middle of the road where you cannot find any help, then best option to deal with this situation is to call a towing agency. There are various towing agencies, which are giving out their service to people when they are stuck in a situation of having a flat tire. This is a time consuming process, but still it can help in dealing with a flat tire.

Additional pointers

You never know when you can be caught in a situation of flat tire. Anyhow, if you are in such a situation, then you should inform your office authorities along with your family members so that they can have the information. Always carry flashlights with you so that it can be taken into use when you are having the problem of flat tire during night. Always pull over to the side of the road when having a flat tire as it would save you and others from having an accident. Maintaining your automobile is a task, which you have to perform on regular intervals so that you can have a happy riding without any flat tires.


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