How to deal with bee sting

deal with bee sting

If you have a fear of dog, you can certainly try to maintain a proper distance from them and to a huge extent you will be successful also in doing so but what to do if the creature that is harming is flying above you or near you? You surely cannot control the flying objects and thus they can easily rule over you and scare you. Though they do not bite till they are provoked, bees can be really infectious if they bite you. Some of you might have coped up with the bee stings in the past and are familiar with the pain and other effects they can cause while others are still oblivious of the experience. However, it would be really wise if you know the tricks to either nullify or lessen the effect of the sting in your body.

While some of the stings are not so effective and cause pains only while others can be really infectious and become a reason for the eruption of other serious problems like cold, malaria and other skin problems. In such situations, if you cannot find any doctor around you at that time then you easily practise these quick tips in order to lessen the sting effect for the time being:

Gently work on the stringer

Once you feel that the stringer has got inside your skin, act very gently to remove it off. Make sure that you do not pull up the venom or try to rub it as that would result in making the venom enter your body and spread across. Though some of the bees would not be carrying much of venom to inject, the others could have plenty of it and that could spread to a larger area easily. So, make sure that you either takes help from expect or learn the right trick to remove the fluid off your body.

Mix it all up

Take up the paste in a bowl and mix it with meat tenderizer, vinegar and baking soda to apply the mixture over the wound. Though it has a very unpleasing odour, it helps to provide perfect relief to the sting along with aiding the exposure of the skin so publically.

Grandmother remedies

It a home remedy that works effectively on bee sting. As a an age-old belief, applying soap especially the soap meant for washing clothes gives instant relief in this condition. This is because, the chemicals contained in the soap cuts the venom produced by the bee sting.

Another home remedy is to apply a metallic thing of the bee sting. Like, any metal can be rubbed on a flat surface until it becomes little warm. Apply that warm metal on the affected area to get respite from the pain causing due to bee sting.

Watch out for the infectious symptoms

Though you can treat the sting temporarily by your own self, the immediate medical attention would be required if you have any of the following symptoms after getting bite by the bee-

Continuous feeling of anxiety and restlessness

Finding it difficult to swallow anything solid or liquid

Having difficulty while breathing

A sudden drop in the blood level of the body or dizziness

Redness and severe itchiness near the part of the sting

Breathing problems

Increase in the rate of pulse

Witnessing a swell in either mouth tissue or mouth tissue or throat…:-P 😉

Soothe your pain

If you are having severe pains after the sting, which is otherwise a normal thing, make sure that you are either carrying strong and effective pain killers in your pocket or you can find for a place where you can get chilled water or ice to apply to your wound.  This might make your skin go completely numb for a while but it is the most natural and easy way to get rid of the pain as well as venom for considerably few hours.

However, even after considering all the possible remedies to deal with bee sting, the affected person is not feeling right then he or she should visit the doctor for proper check up.


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