How far can you plan your love and life?


Life: any idea what it means?

What is life is one of the questions that pop up in everyone’s mind at some point or another and everyone has a different answer for it as well. Life to some people is like taking a risk while others take it as a joyride and face it with courage. People can be broadly classified into two groups; the first one comprises of the lot who consider life as a new risk at every step and are certainly the cautious ones and the second group contains people who confidently face the challenges that life give to them. You are not coward or brave by birth but you adopt these characteristics with time therefore it is totally up to you to either be the brave one or be a timid one.


Life is definitely not an easy road but another fact is that it is not that difficult to handle as well. The kind of life you lead is totally your responsibility and the consequences of the choices you make with time. Hence if you find happiness or sadness in your life there is no one but you who is responsible. Things can be a lot different if you know what you want from life and if you take out some time to plan it in a right manner. A planned life is much better than a life with no goals and disappointment. A good life has no set definition but there are certain elements that are important to lead a happy life and one of them is love. Love is needed by each and every living thing on this planet and humans need it more than anything. But what is love? Let us find out.


Love: necessity for all:

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Love is a wonderful feeling and once you get hold of it you must never let go. Love can be given and received in many different forms such as love of a mother, love of siblings, love of a friend and love of a life partner. Each and every kind of love holds importance in a person’s life and he cannot be considered happy if his life lacks love. It is a common phenomenon to confuse the feeling of true love with feelings of addictiveness and clinginess. However love is entirely different and does not possess the qualities of addiction and clinginess.


Love is known by its sense of selflessness and sacrifice for the beloved just like a mother only gives everything to her offspring without expecting anything in return. Similarly a true lover will sacrifice everything for the happiness of his beloved. The feeling of being addicted to someone is not love but simple addiction. With true love comes the feeling of putting the loved ones before anything else and doing everything to ensure their happiness. Love is a very important ingredient for leading a happy life and you must not leave any opportunity of getting true love. We now know that life is incomplete without love but life is also incomplete without proper planning. How can we plan our lives and till where can this planning go?


End of Love is end of life:


Life happens to be a mixture of various feelings and emotions and we must know how and when to utilize each emotion for our betterment. Love is one ingredient that is very important for leading a happy life just like salt is very important for adding taste in the food. Planning plays a vital role in our life as only through planning you can lead an organized and a content life. You must plan and prioritize your life values and goals to be successful in life and not live life just for the sake of it. You are very much capable of planning your entire life and also implementing your plans into action.


You can set realistic goals to achieve in your life and if you have the will and the strength to work hard for them then no one can stop you from gaining success. Although while planning your life you must not leave the emotions behind as logic is important but emotions are equally important as well. There might be stages in life where we have to face failure and disappointments but the key to success is to learn a lesson from each failure and get up again to try. Do not let the failures take a toll on you and face them with courage and strength. It is easy to write but hard to adopt but it is definitely not impossible to achieve therefore never lose hope and confidence.


Life is incomplete without love and there is no happiness that can exist without love of the loved ones. Happiness grows in the presence of love and declines in its absence therefore always give love in order to get loads of it. Love and life go hand in hand and one cannot survive in the absence of another therefore whenever you plan your future life do not forget to add love to the important section. A messed up life is the root of all sadness, disappointment and depression in people and they face these bad consequences because they failed in forming a proper plan for their life. You must not be afraid of the darker times as it is said that the sky is the darkest just before dawn. So if you have not begun life planning till now then it’s never too late to start.


Take a pen and paper and jot down your strengths and weaknesses to know you in a better manner and accordingly set up your life goals and plans. You can begin with short term plans and then move to the larger picture. A planned life is organized and has more chances of happiness than a messed up life. Therefore formulate a plan for your life and do not forget to add one of the most important things in life which happens to be love.

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