Defensive acts are appreciated, not the acts involving defiance attitude

Love- More than a word that can be described, it is a feeling that is so beautiful if it is genuine. However, making the families and society understand that you love someone and want to spend life with the same person could be the real hard task at times and being the impatient generation of this modern era, no individual have the persistence of either explaining or accepting the decision of others, if it is against his/hers. So, the first way out that is adopted by the self dependent generation is to be rebellious and oppose the entire world for the same. Though it seems to be a very great step to fight against the world just to support ones love, it is in a way challenging our traditions and customs too that teach us to obey our parents and elders without a single utterance of word against them. No doubt that when you are in love, supporting it and proving it true in any possible way is the foremost agenda of every human, there have to be some sanity in the steps that one would take in order to defense one’s love.


Support but do not fight


It is always good to stand up for the person you love and you certainly should do that if u truly love that person, but there should be a certain sense of maturity in the actions that you adopt in order to support you love. Do not take any decision in haste as the fights that you would take up now can effect your relations with the others for a lifetime. It is an agreeable fact that no girl or boy would like to spend life with a person or have respect for an individual who cannot even speak up in his/her favor but the question in argument is that against whom are you taking the stand and what is your method of speaking up in favor and against the two ends? You have to be very careful with your choice of words and actions as they are going to leave an imprint on the lives of many who are close to you, the society in which you have to live, your love for whom you are doing it all and of coarse your own self as you will be either losing your love or the person you is against!


Take a mid-way


When you have to choose between two ends and the both are precious or necessary for you to survive, that is, both are your reasons to live in this world then try and figure out the ways to settle the things down in such a manner that both the groups/ individuals get the satisfaction from the outcome. It is certainly not possible to make everyone and anyone in this world feel contented with your existence, choice and decisions. However, you can always make efforts to make the chosen ones, who matter in your life feel happy with your deeds and speech. If such a condition arises where you have to make a choice between your love and your family then before taking up the rebellious route, just stop for once and think with a sane mind that are you ready to lose anyone of them for the sake of other? The answer in most of the cases will be a No! So why not to go for a calm and less offensive way that could lead you to live a happy life with your family and your love being a part of it? It might seem to be a bit impossible to make both the ends join together and it could even take more than required efforts from you, but it is all worth if the end result brings ‘happiness’ for everyone!


Consideration is the leading key


When you decide to go on and disobey the entire world for the one you love, just think for a second that if at any point of your life you feel like going back to the people and relations that you will leave broken in the process, will you be able to do so? Certainly Not! Once you move forward, there will never be a way back to the same place in the journey of life. However, what you once do with others will surely make you pay at some point of your life. While choosing the bold way out of going against your parents, look behind to the years when they did everything for you to make you what you are today, certainly to make you capable of disobeying them today openly for your love. Fighting others or not for the one you love is not a decision that should be taken in the pressure of situations, you should consider each and every person involved before you become confident enough with your decision that will influence the rest of your life along with the others!



Choose the ways to defense your love for his/her happiness but do not defiance others in the process of doing the same! Think before you say or do anything as such decisions show their effects for an entire lifetime and not just a few days or months. Just remember one thing that whatever you will preach today will come back to you someday in one form or the other. Hurting anyone in order to make your love life a success is no good decision in the long term. Moreover, though it might seem to be right at that instant to go for your love and leave everything and everyone else for him/her, ponder that would you be able to live with that resolution for the rest of your life. Supporting your love for the sake of being true to your partner and living up to the promises that you made to him/her is one thing but suspending everyone else for that one individual is another. It would always be wise to make a choice that involves the goodness of everyone.

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