It is a Good Idea to Work Towards Doing Away with De-motivation in your Own Way

De-motivation Ought to be Kicked Out, Well in Time

It is very easy to feel de-motivated owing to certain situations and circumstances. However, it is necessary that one fights off the feeling of de-motivation and moves on with life. This is a bit hard but it is not impossible. If one desires so, one can achieve it. There are different reasons for which a person might get de-motivated. However, there are ways of dealing with all kinds of de-motivation. Nothing is so horrible that one cannot recover from it. One can always recover from any kind of de-motivation. No matter what point in time or life it is, de-motivation can not only strike in but it can also be struck out.


From the oldest of the old, to the youngest of the young, anyone can be a victim of de-motivation. However, things change and times change and sooner or later, things fall into place. You need to take note of the cause of your de-motivation and then strike it off before you can get on with your life. De-motivation is a guest; don’t make it a permanent resident. You don’t need to be de-motivated for the rest of your life.  You can let go off it and move on for that’s the best for you and everyone else around you. Hence, kick those feelings of de-motivation out and move on.

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De-motivation Needs to be Shown the Door

Sometimes, one is de-motivated due to their own mistakes and at other times, it happens just because someone else is trying to put you down. Get creative and productive, kick aside the de-motivation. Motivate yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to do so. In fact, sitting and sulking didn’t get anyone anywhere. It will not get you anywhere either. So, get up and act. Do something meaningful. If you actually take action, you will feel powerful, nice and happy. You will be surprised at the amount of energy that is there inside you. Don’t waste this energy on sulking. Use it productively.

You have one life, love and live it to the fullest. There is no time for sulking in a life like this. If you don’t have any goals or were just beaten to it, set goals again, get up and start running again. You will feel happier and happier at every step of success. You will get the best of everything. You will feel the warmth of positive energy inside you. You will be living a full, happy and purposeful life. You will re-define happiness. Yes, there will be times when de-motivation shall step in but then you can show it the door, can’t you? Don’t let de-motivation accumulate.

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Identify the Problem

If you don’t kick de-motivation out, well in time, it will become a habit and you shall grow comfortable with it. This will stop you from progressing. Hence, learn to deal with de-motivation rather than growing comfortable with it. It isn’t a good idea to grow comfortable with de-motivation. Yes, acknowledge it, respond to it but don’t sit with it. Learn to get out of it. Every time, you have to face a new challenge, don’t give up. Go ahead, give it a try. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. Present the world with a new challenge rather than giving up on the old one.

Well, de-motivation isn’t a singular problem. It comes with a set of problems around it. Address these problems and try to solve them. Slowly and gradually, de-motivation shall vanish away too. Yes, it is a struggle in the beginning but slowly and gradually, you can fight through the de-motivation and emerge a winner. Each and every problem is different and needs to be addressed differently. Hence, keep this in mind, when dealing with the problems. The nature of each problem is distinct and hence, you have to handle these one at a time. Hence, don’t use similar tactics to solve the same problem. Try and understand the problem first and see what tactic is most useful for which kind of problem.


De-Motivation and It’s Causes

Hence, reach out to each problem differently. Yes, setting goals and motivating yourself are the best ways of fighting de-motivation. However, there are times when even these may not be applicable to you. You might write down your goals and do a million other things and yet, nothing will work. It is because you are not addressing the nature of the problem correctly. You are simply and monotonously following the age old methods of fighting de-motivation. These might not turn out to be as effective as they seem to be on paper. In fact, if you don’t achieve the newer goals, chances are you shall grow comfortable with de-motivation.

More often than not, de-motivation creeps in because you are way too attached to an activity. Learn to look at life with complete practicality and de-motivation will never really creep into you.

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