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Feel good about yourself_10 tips to remain grounded

Feel good about yourself

Keep a hold of yourself before dreaming to hold the world

While struggling connect with the entire world and continuously achieve something or the other in lives, we are somewhere losing connection with our inner selves. Either it’s because of the tiredness of the entire day after long working schedules in the office, the stress of getting out of a financial crises anyhow, the excitement of having a new member in the family soon or simply the fun of making plans for outing with your loved ones, there are many factors that could make a person feel so many strong emotions at different points of life. However, it is during this time only that a person is required to remain grounded the most.

No matter, how good or bad happens with a person, one should not forget his/her past and roots. Whatever a person is in his/her present life is only due to the people and the struggles of past. Thus, one should never avoid or forget them under any circumstances. However, it is a human nature to forget about all the relationships and the people around him/ her when a person is feeling too anxious or anxiety. In such situations, some quick tips, if kept in mind and practiced whole heartedly will help you to keep yourself grounded and thus, be able to connect what you are to what you were with ease:

Solve your inner fights

A person is generally in a continuous fight with its inner self about something or the other. Does the person I love, loves me back? Am I worth being a part of that person’s life? Should I enjoy my life and eat chocolates or just avoid it and maintain my figure? Will I ever be able to achieve such position in the society where he/she has reached? There is a continuous fight that every one of us is fighting inside our mind round the clock. We have to somehow sooth that and take the things slowly, without feeling any pressure.

Managing the external requirements

A person needs to fulfil his/her various needs at the same time. For instance, there could be situations like when you will feel it is important for you to attend a social function but at the same time you might want to spend quality time with your own self or you might have to make choice between making your kids happy by taking them out or satisfying your boss by over timing in the office. Such choices need to be made at various phases of life but it is up to you that how to tackle such situations by keeping your calm.

Give yourself time

Realize your priorities and give yourself some time to sit and just think back your action plan for life so that you can work accordingly to achieve it instead of roaming from one end to the other like nomads. You need to give yourself sufficient time to understand what actually you want to do with your life.

Reflect upon your thoughts and actions

Take a break from everything and just ponder thoughts on how you managed to come so far in your journey. What made you remain focused and what inspired you the most? What have your gained so far and were the things or people you lost worth the sacrifice? Just chalk out a proper plan and work accordingly.

Figure yourself out

It is very much important that you are yourself familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. You should know what motivates you and what makes you feel low so that you can connect with the right kind of people and things in your life to help you keep going during the most disturbing times also.

Stop judging

It is one of the traits of a human to judge himself/herself as well as the people around all the time. Just stop for once and quit this judging game. Instead, start observing yourself and the people as it will help you to grow from inside and understand people rather than forming an opinion about them.

Practice your interests

If you have any hobby like dancing, singing, painting, sketching, playing any musical instrument or even keeping a collection of rare items, you just have to make sure that you do not drop it in the midst of your busy schedules. Take out some hours from your schedule to practice what you love to do and what helps you to relax.

Admire the natural beauty

Instead of admiring the materialistic things all the time, just take a look at the nature that is always opening its arms for you. Feel the cool breeze touching your face, look at how the flowers dance to the tunes of the winds or just observe a cat while she quietly drinks all her milk. You will feel more relaxed and refreshing.

Be kind to yourself

Do not be too harsh to your own self by over-burdening your mind or your body with continuous work and thoughts. Just go a little slow with yourself and try to understand that you are a human and not a machine that can work all the time. Go smoothly and enjoy the tiny moments of life instead of skipping them while running in haste.

Meditation is the key

Whenever you feel stressed or let down due to any reasons, just close your eyes and let all the disturbing thoughts go out of your mind. Make yourself feel relaxed and think of the moments and people that make you happy. Have a feeling of contentment in your life instead of feeling disappointed at every point. Be an optimistic person.


Though difficult, one can connect with one’s inner self and stay grounded if one can control himself/herself from being carried away with the wave of situations. Be particular about who you are and what you want to achieve in life and never let anything or anyone have a control over your right sense of mind. Do not get over excited in happiness and depressed at times of crashes. Just compose yourself and feel the richness of every moment of your life so that you do not end up losing your own self in the race of achieving everything else.

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