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Does love counts in today’s world?


Love – a sacred Adoration

Love!! Indeed is a very attractive word but difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain. Love is often misunderstood as an agitated feeling that one feels about someone.  Love has different definitions, some call it affection, caring, attraction, attachment, liking, emotion, worship, infatuation, devotion, etc. One cannot explain love in its true sense. When we love someone, we are attracted towards that person and are emotionally attached towards him/her. Love has always existed and always will. Love implies to a deep esteem feeling for someone.  Love does not need any explanation, it speaks for itself. Love is a big unsolved puzzle but it is pure and elementary as of an innocent child and as powerful as Shield of Achilles. Love is the most charismatic phenomenon that one can give for free. Love knows no boundaries, no matter whether one is poor or rich there is no dissolution of love. Love isn’t an emotion but it is characterized by self belief and fulfillment which is enlarged and evolved within oneself.

Love is a symbol of eternity. Love can be parental, love for friends, love for community, love for oneself, love for the country, etc. Many parents live life for the purpose of loving their children, caring about them, providing them the best facilities. They do far more better than they could actually afford to, only for their children because of their love towards them. Love for friends is very important in life. Having good and lovable friends provide a very supportive role. Many good people devote their lives for their own community. They help through voluntary work, fund raising activities for their community, campaigning a local issue and getting involved in regional politics. Loving and supporting others in the community is a commendable way to live, but if it becomes a life purpose it can preclude greater love for humanity. Love is always unconditional. It does not stop through disagreement, or from disappointment. It always admits forgiveness. Love for humanity accepts people of all faiths. Love always gives real and genuine purpose to life.

Love is the greatest feeling in the whole world

Love is the greatest feeling in the whole world. Love is one of the basic emotions of human basically necessary for survival in life. Love is characterized by a sense of unique feeling, attachment and affection towards somebody. Everyone experience love for someone or something, diverging the intensity at one time or the other.  Human beings have inherited quality of giving and feeling love. The love is something that everyone wants to feel and have in their lives, but is a fact that only a little part of the people is able to meet them in a true sense. There is no surprise as magical as being loved. Love is always something that is endless, ageless, everlasting, immortal, imperishable, indefinite, infinite, unfading, etc. The attitude and appearance of love may change but not the true significance. One cannot understand and realize the real meaning of love unless he / she experience it. Love is the master key which opens all doors of happiness and joy.

In today’s world, the true appearance of love has slightly changed or we can say state of mind of people has changed and have become open-minded to accept and adapt the change. But the true meaning of love has not changed and also will not change. The only thing that got changed is attitude and behavior of people. One of the strongest bonds of love is between family members.

mother and newborn baby love

The love of a mother will not change for her child. For the first time when a mother holds her beautiful newborn baby in her hands is totally overwhelmed and a wave of love is extended on her newborn. This characterizes the love of a mother. Simlarly, the love of child will not change for his/ her toys. When a baby is born, parents forget about their hunger, sleep as they are so much in love with their child. The love of a brother will not change for his siblings. Love is indefinite and endless. One can not only easy count on it but also can rely on it. In order for love to be genuine and authentic, it should be acknowledged to expand with a selfless and generous desire for a commitment and assurance. One should always be willing to walk in one another’s shoes and must put the best foot forward without any material award. Love is not only just a feeling but also a selfless unconditional desire to love another person without any selfishness. Love is a strange word in the context of life. Love is spirituality. Some people accept it and some counter it. Some see it as separate thing but others see as same thing and accept it.  Love is a relation between husband and wife, family, friends, classmates, etc. Any person loves to contribute the happiness with someone is love.

Love combines and associates with their hearts and such feeling cannot be felt without experience. Love is a strong connection which acts like a bridge that connects one side of a river to another side. When a person loves someone, he /she can give everything instead of asking. One usually develops a strong bond between each other with selfless and unconditional desires. There is only one word in the world which has no definition and explanation that is “LOVE”.

selfless relationship

Love is a universal and extraordinary feeling, which is felt by every human being on this planet. Love also depends upon trust between each other. Trust is the first and most important requirement of a strong and selfless relationship. When we love somebody, we tends to trust him/her. Trust is inherent monetary worth of a relation. Trust is both, reason for Love and aftereffect of love. For strong and long lasting relation, love and trust is extremely necessary and compulsory. Yes! Love is important for survival and does count in today’s world and also always will..!!!

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