Display your wisdom by undermining influences

To lead a positive life, it is essential to erase all influences that negatively affect your mindset. If you are receiving unwanted influence, then it shows your wisdom when you undermine that influence. As everybody has negativity inside him/her, it is essential to keep yourself away from that negativity. To display a positive mindset and liveliness to others, it is necessary that you make yourself happy first. Thus, sticking to your own decisions in life is critical to your real happiness. Check out how you may undermine the negative influences.

Avoid involving in gossips


Ignoring gossips is the best way to keep you away from negative social influences. You will mostly find jealous and insecure people being involved in gossips. When they talk about negative aspects of others, it definitely affects your thoughts to a great extent. You can only be happy if you ignore such talks and turn your negative thoughts into positive. However, gossips will not let you do that. If you get involved in gossip, then you might not be able to control the outcome itself at times.

Do not go by opinions


When you need to take a decision, several people would be ready to provide their opinions to you. In fact, you do not require so many opinions that have the ability to make your decision incorrect. There may be many people giving causal or biased opinions to you. This can be harmful and should be avoided. It is always better to listen to a few close friends or family members, but still keep the decision in your hands. You should never decide anything just because a crowd is suggesting something to you.

Use your own mind

use your own mind

When it is time to take your own decision, it is better to go by your own thoughts. Use your own mind instead of using the multiple minds of others. Nobody knows your situation better than you do. Thus, it is always wiser to stick to your decision. Although you may receive unwanted influences, stay away from accepting them. For example, if you are confused whether you should do a course or get into a job at some stage of your career, then you are the person who can take the best decision about it. This is because you know yourself and your circumstances and priorities that help in taking the right decision. Even your friends may not be able to give a good advice on it.

Have logical thoughts and avoid being misled

logical thoughts

If you want to avoid negative influences, then it is required that you remain logical in your thoughts. If you can reason things well and have structured thoughts, then people around you may not be able to mislead you. Several people might want to mislead you just out of jealousy or disguised hatred. Be cautious of them to avoid this situation. This will only snatch your happiness and positivity in life.

Say no to being controlled

say no

You are an individual who is capable to take his/her own decisions without being guided all the time. If someone tries to interfere in your decisions without your permission, then negate that control. Indicate it to them that you are not seeking an opinion or advice. However, it should be done in an assertive manner. Let such individuals know that you possess the required information and expertise to take your decision. It is only when you say no to being controlled that you actually start controlling your own life in your own manner.


External unwanted influences can only bring negativity and unhappiness into your life. Thus, you should avoid letting other people take charge of your life and start thinking on your own.

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