How to deal with discouragement

Life is full of ups and downs. We get discouraged by failure, letting down by people we trust and undeserved criticism, and even opposition put in our path. We get everything we want, yet the feeling of discouragement lingers on. Not only adults, the children are also victims of discouragement. Children are often discouraged by people whom they meet, fault finders, or by verbal bullies. Here are some ways to deal with discouragement

Dealing with negative effects

Discouragement can make heavy impact on our attitudes and emotions. Discouragement can make people think negative. In children, their self esteem goes down. Both adults and children start withdrawing themselves from others. They want to give up whatever enterprises they are involved in. There is a feeling of dejection. It affects the health of individuals who are discouraged in their lives. Discouragement can ruin our present and future. So, it is important to know how to cope with discouragement. As parents you must teach your children how to do the same.


Persistence is the essential prerequisite for coping with discouragement. You should be determined never to allow your enthusiasm to be dampened by discouragement.

It is vital to explore the root cause of discouragement. Only then you will be able to understand it well and cope with it. Try to list the reasons as to why you are feeling discouraged, and why this feeling is persisting and letting you down.

It is best to do a self introspection to find out the reasons behind discouragement. Are you getting discouraged because you are fatigued and cannot live up to your expectations or you need a break desperately? Is the hapless situation arising owing to certain faults of yours? At times, all you need is a person to disclose your feelings. His/her suggestions can give you a fresh perspective. Discouragement often originates from expectations that an individual fails to fulfill.

Take action

You have to prepare a plan of action to save yourself from the pain of discouragement. This will require you to implement changes in your behavior and attitude when you are faced with troubling situations. You should think of the times when you had been discouraged, how you overcame it and matured as a person at that point of time. You should also set better expectations. You have to be more worldly wise and place your confidence in any individual with care and deliberation.

Despite discouragement, you have to move on in life both mentally and physically. Focus on activities from which you have got encouragement plenty of times. Do not get bogged down with things having gone wrong. A positive attitude is absolutely essential to overcome discouragement.

You should be able to view discouragement as a temporary obstacle. When you attack the problem, it starts fading away. Do not be escapist and run away from it. Always keep in mind that success follows after periods of failure and discouragement. Do not ever give up. Do not let discouragement clog your mental faculties. Discouragement will disappear like a dark cloud and soon you will lead a productive life.

Don’t give up hope. The dark cloud of discouragement will disappear if you persevere. Work towards the day you will smile again and add this episode to your experience of winning over adversities of life.

Strike back immediately

When you feel that you are being swayed away by feelings of discouragement and it is taking a toll on your health and emotions, strike back immediately. Evasion will make it impossible to win over the adversity. You will be able to make your life worth living and your strained relations with your family members, co-workers, and friends will get a new lease of life.

emotional strength

Advise the children not to meekly accept all the discouraging comments. They should be inspired to indulge in positive self talk. This will minimize personal hurt inflicted upon them due to the discouraging remarks by others.

They should know that you sympathize with them when they are discouraged. Children are encouraged when they know that their parents understand them well and they also feel the same agony when they are discouraged.

Enhance their social skills so that they can cope with criticism. Kids should be armed with comeback lines that help them to cope with criticism and discouragement. If you encourage your children in all their endeavors, you will notice that they will shrug off discouraging attitudes and remarks and emerge as strong individual with emotional strength unaffected by discouragement.

You can overcome discouragement by clarity in thinking about your powers and about the reality of situation, and resolve to move ahead to achieve your realistic goals.

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