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How to deal with the pressure to perform at work

How to deal with the pressure to perform at work

Pressure is a familiar thing that comes with any job. This usually happens when we have a ton of work to do and very little time to do it in. People get stressed out because of this and with out any effective stress management techniques, we can adversely affect our physical, social and emotional well being. Stress is something that cannot be avoided and each of us responds differently, so the important thing is to figure out a way around it.


Pressure is what causes stress and while some people thrive under pressure, others can simply crack. On reality TV shows like Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, we see the chosen talents being put under tremendous pressure-this is just a test to see how well they would perform when they are placed in stressful situations.

If you are the kind of person who does not do very well under pressure, the jobs that you are looking for will be completely different from those that are being sought out by people who can handle pressure.

People who work well under pressure look for jobs where they have demanding bosses and strict time constraints. These people react positively to pressure as they feel that it is a good thing because it provides them with the right kind of motivation that helps them to perform better with the responsibilities that have been given to them.

Whether you respond well or not, having too much pressure can be very negative when it becomes a bit too much. Too much of pressure at work can lead to stress that eventually results in head aches, anxiety, high blood pressure and depression.

scheduling your plan

Planning ahead is one way to perform well under pressure, if you work in an organized way and plan out all your work so that you meet deadlines, make sure that you add extra time to manage any unforeseeable event or delays.

If you feel that stress is beginning to build up, take a minute to slow down, calm your self and focus on the task given to you. This will help to clear your mind and work effectively.  Take into consideration all the things that you can control and the way you react to tasks. Try to figure out where the stress really lies, it could be because you are doing something the wrong way.

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