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A Combination of Strong Self Confidence and Self Esteem is the Key to a Successful and Happy Life

A Combination of Strong Self Confidence and Self Esteem is the Key to a Successful and Happy Life

Don’t Lose your Ego

A lot of people assume that both, self confidence and self esteem are one and the same thing. However, it isn’t the case. There is a vast difference between self esteem and self confidence. Moreover, both of these are a requisite in today’s day and age. If you are 0 on any one of them, you are entirely doomed. Hence, no matter what your profession is, no matter what you do in life, it is always good to have a certain sense of self-confidence as well as self-esteem. They are important for survival in today’s day and world. Hence, it is time you boosted your esteem and your confidence.

Happy people

It is bad for you if your esteem and confidence flicker around. Hold on to them like dear life, for they are going to take you a long way ahead in life. You may have noticed the kind of confidence and self esteem the most successful people on earth portray. Don’t let your esteem and confidence go anywhere even for a minute. You are going to need them if you want to climb high on the ladders of success. It doesn’t matter if you are inside your home. You need to see to it that your esteem and your self confidence are both in place.

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Spell the Confidence

From the written word to the spoken word, if you are confident, it shall show. You will naturally imbibe it in your gait, your body language, your tone etc. Don’t allow anyone to mistreat you. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone treat you like a zero. Show them who you are. Don’t let anyone put you down. If you command respect, you will get it. You might not be the best one around but it would definitely be a good idea to tell them that you aren’t the worst of the lot. Announce this not through words but through actions.

Self Confidence

Find your Confidence

You must be good at something or the other. Show those skills off. Let the world know you have arrived. Spread your shine all around you. Cast such an impression that no one shall really be able to forget you. Write yourself across everywhere. Every lip ought to have your name on it. No matter how low on confidence you are, make sure that you pull your act together. However, all of this isn’t easy. You will have to sit down and chalk out a plan. Only then, you will be able to walk around comfortably with full confidence and full esteem in place.

You need to open up to yourself and be honest to yourself first. No matter what everyone else says about you, you need to know for yourself if all of it is really true. Unless you really feel so, you don’t have to believe it. Hence, question yourself first. Chances are you will find how you are the one who have been limiting yourself and hence, haven’t been able to succeed. Hence, find your confidence from inside of you and turn into esteem. You will soon find everyone around appreciating you, instead of putting you down. You can now walk with your head held high.

Walk with Self Confidence

Self Esteem and Self Confidence Complement Each Other

Don’t be afraid to speak out your mind. Go ahead, say it. You aren’t there to please people. You are there to be yourself. People will automatically be pleased with your real self. Accept yourself the way you are and you will soon find everyone accepting you as well. Soon, you will be a completely confident person working around. You will slowly and gradually find your way through. Soon enough you will find people getting inspired by you. You will have people look up to you as well. All you have to do is, make those people realise your true worth and the future is all yours.

Yes, you are quite something and it’s time you started believing so as well. Follow your heart, do what you like and say what you want. You don’t have to please anyone; you don’t have to confirm to the norms, you just have to be. Yes, it is as convenient as that to be full of self confidence and self esteem. Now, how do you differentiate these 2 newly found things inside your soul? How is self esteem different from self confidence? Yes, this new realisation will spruce up a lot of reactions. However, the question is what are you going to do about them?

Well, let’s just say that self esteem is your respect, your worth. Self confidence is your belief in your ownself. This is the basic difference between self confidence and self esteem and it is best to keep both of them, intact. To live a better life, it is necessary to compliment your self esteem with self confidence.

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