How to deal with cold

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Everybody suffers from cold and flu at least once their life. It affects your immunity system making you feel tired, stressed and irritated. Here are some tips and tricks to deal with cold that can help

Take rest

Rest is the first step you need to follow once you find signs of cold. Signs like coughing, sneezing and feeling restless are common in cold. During the first three days, it is highly contagious. You should stay at home and take as much rest as possible. Cold can remain for many days or maybe a day or two, depending on how strong your immunity system is. However, if you are dealing with severe cold, then you are advised to take leave for few days, till you get recovered completely. If you perform too many activities, it can lessen down your energy level making the problem worst. Once you know the signs of cold, take rest. Give your body some time to recover by relaxing. Try to sleep more and work less. Do not perform activities that can result in any kind of stress. With proper rest, you let the body recover from the problem and immunity system can fight against the virus.

Visit your doctor

Medicines can help you deal with the cold virus in effective way. Before visiting the store and purchasing any kind of over the counter cold medicines, you are advised to talk with your doctor or take pharmacist

Do not take your illness so lightly. The moment you notice any signs of cold, immediately visit your doctor. He will prescribe you certain medicines after checking the signs. Make sure you specify it to him, if allergic to any medicines. Talk about your medical history and know if the problem is serve. During such period, you should visit the doctor at least every alternate day. Taking precautions before the problem becomes too serious is always better. Follow the doctor’s advice and instructions for a quick recovery.

Maintain hygiene

It is extremely important to maintain hygiene, as your immunity system at such time is extremely weak. As said, the problem is highly contagious in the beginning period. While sneezing or blowing your nose, always carry a tissue. Throw the used tissue papers in the disposal bag. Wash your hands frequently, and maintain a good distance from the people. Maintain cleanliness so that other bacteria and virus will not enter your body. Always clean your hands before and after you have your food. Cleanliness can prevent harmful germs to develop and enter the body. This will help you to recover in better way. Avoid eating outside food during such period of time. Outside food may contain germs that can affect your body.

Look for natural remedies

Don’t limit your treatment for cold by taking only medicines. You are advised to deal with cold by choosing some natural remedies. The best part of it is that they do not have the unpleasant side effects that other medicines have. Cold symptoms increase the risk of dehydration. Make sure you drink lots of water and juice. Hot drinks like hot chocolate, hot coffee and soup can soothe your sore throat. Always gargle with warm salty water. While going to bed, apply some kind of vaporizer cream that can give your relief from headache and boy pain. Take hot-steam once every day as it will give you relief from chest congestion. You should drink orange juice or any drink or food rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C boost up your immune system at faster rate helping your body to fight the infection. Orange juice twice everyday can make you feel better. Fruits that are juicy or contain more water should be taken because they effectively cleanse your body and remove bacteria and toxins. Once these contributing factors are out of your body, you can recover more quickly and can get back to your routine.

Take medicines on time

Take medicines prescribed by your doctor and know whether they are safe for you. Never take medicines on empty stomach, otherwise you will feel dizzy and tired. There are certain things you need to take care of while choosing a medicine. Look for the one that will not make you feel sleepy. The product should not contain drugs that can make you addict to that medicine. Never take the cold medicines with your other medicines, they may conflict with other medicines by making your signs worse. Don’t just restrict to medicines. To get effectiveness of medicines, try to rest more and eat healthy food. Drink chicken soup, as it is good for patients who are suffering from cold.

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