5 Characteristics Of Truly Successful People


success successful5 Characteristics Of Truly Successful People

Firstly, we need to make it clear what being successful means. How can we say one person is successful compared to another and most importantly, are two people in the same career and the same role as successful as each other? These are important points because we may look at two people who are CEO’s of a multimillion dollar business and say that they are both ‘successful people’.

So what are the main characteristics of someone who is on the path of success?

1. A sense of urgency and purpose in their actions

Someone on the path of success, knows what they are to do and when to achieve their goals. They do not sway from the path every time a barrier comes in front of them, but instead, they are motivated further to learn how to overcome this and move forward. This sense of purpose that they are working towards something motivates them to not get caught up in the unnecessary and irrelevant issues that come up day-to-day, but to focus on how they can achieve their goals and contribute as much as they can along the way.

These people will only motivate you when you are in their presence, and by being around them, you get a sense of what it must be like to be on the right path and this in turn gives you more energy to pursue your dreams.

2. A thirst for knowledge and growth

Successful people know that there is no ultimate goal or destination to success. It is a constant thirst for knowledge and growth. They read many non fiction books and keep up to date with current events. The world is constantly changing and growing, and successful people will want to grow with it. They do not become complacent or content and by knowing that they should always remain open to new ideas and perspectives, they can shift with the times and learn more effectively.


3. A desire to teach and lead others

This isn’t some egotistical power trip. This is more of a way to share information with others that will help them on their path so they can also achieve their goals. By sharing and communicating, they see opportunities to help others who also have this drive and motivation. They lead by setting a good example and they create a following without the intention of trying to create one. Their attitude and energy attracts people who in turn help them achieve their goals and become more successful.

4. Total immersion into their work

When they are working at their skill or task, a person who is on the path of success is totally immersed in their work. They totally shut out the world and focus all of their energy into what they are doing. This flow that they achieve allows them to create great work and it helps them to improve the skills they have without any distractions. Their priority is set and nothing can disturb them. It is in this state of immersion in their work that they create great work, and someone who hasn’t found their true passion, never achieves this level of concentration.

5. No desire for fame or fortune

Success is sometimes misinterpreted as having vast amounts of wealth or fame. In fact, sometimes having those things can hinder someone from becoming truly successful. The pursuit of fame and fortune is not a journey that will cultivate a life of happiness. True success and passion for your work means that your motivation comes from being a master of your craft and not to get attention or money for it.

mastery success successful Being motivated by these things can only bring you disappointment and when you do achieve them, you will realize they don’t bring you happiness at all. Wealth and fame can be a bonus and a by-product of working towards your goals and achieving them, and if that is the case, we get to enjoy them. If they are the sole reason we want to be successful, achieving them will not give us the satisfaction we craved, or the happiness we desired. We may lose motivation once we achieve some mediocre fame or a small amount of wealth, and therefore never achieve true and real success.

For more information about success and becoming a master of your craft, check out the great book or audio book called Mastery by Robert Greene. You can also watch his Oxford University address here.

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