The best way to add more friends to your social circle

As all of us are social beings, we cannot live in an alone world and are always in need of friends and loved ones. However, many people feel alone in the modern world for various reasons. While they may have many virtual friends on social platforms, they do not have real-life friends to support them during their happy and sad moments. If you also feel that you do not have many good friends in your life, then it is time to widen your social circle. It is very important to have such friends who can help you at the time of need or support. Good friends can reduce the sorrows of your life and bring positivity to it. Read on to know the best way you can widen your friend circle.

Get away from the virtual world

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To make real friends, the first step is definitely to move away from your virtual world. While virtual friendships can be fun and enjoyment for your good times, you will not gain anything from them when you really need emotional support or help in adverse conditions. Nowadays, people prefer to spend more time on social networks rather than trying to form a real network of friends. However, virtual friends may just be busy showing off their own lives and may not spend time around you. Before it is too late, it is better to move away from your virtual world and connect with real-life people.

Strengthen your relations with old friends

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When you move away from your virtual world, you may face a question about where to start. Now, to make more friends, you may start by remembering those friends who used to be close to you. It is time to get in touch with your old friends with whom you lost the contact at some point in time. They may include your school, college or neighborhood friends. Meet them and spend some quality time with them.

Track down your lost connections

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If you are not in touch with old friends, then try to track them down with the help of social networks or search engines. You may easily find some contacts if you search for them using relevant keywords and their names. If you have their email IDs or addresses, then these can also be helpful to you for tracking their details. Find your lost friendships, as it is easiest to connect with such people.

Do not undermine the value of your friends

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You should always avoid taking your friends for granted. If some people want to remain in contact with you, then you should welcome them warmly. Sometimes, you may not like a person for certain reasons. Assess your reasons for not liking them and give them a chance if the reason is not valid. It may happen that you start liking them after a good heart-to-heart conversation. Sometimes, insufficient conversation or some assumptions about people also take them away from us. Make sure that you do not undermine the value of any of your friends.

Devote some time only to friends

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It is critical to spend some memorable time and moments with friends if you want to develop long-lasting relationships with them. You can be more attractive to friends only when you give them attention and time. You can only receive their love and care if you are also ready to provide the same. You should also give more time to new people you meet at various places. Talk to them frequently so you may form fresh friendships. Do some social or fun activities with your friends and converse on topics of interest.


If you want to add more friends to your social circle, then it is time for you to be involved in their circles too. Move away from a virtual world and spend more time with your old friends or new contacts in the real world.

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