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Best Is Not What We Use but It Is What We Create

Know yourself better

Best is something which inspires an individual. It is the inspiration that compels an individual to give his/her best. If it inspires an individual he can achieve success lucidly. Everyone wants the best in life but to get the best one has to strive hard to get it.

Best person is the one who takes everything as a challenges and the ordinary person is the one who takes everything as blessing or a curse. God with blessing also has given a burden of “I” which a best person should not possess.

You Must Be the Best to Change The World

Be with the system or beat the system. “Best is yet to come” is something which we often hear during our upbringing. It is applicable not only in personal life but also in professional life. In hard times and trying times one should always believe that the best is yet to come.

Also individuals should try that to achieve that best hardship is required. Best can be achieved by those who are best in their work, values, profession, and thoughts. Best cannot be achieved just like that.

Best brings contentment in individuals’ life. It requires great deal of courage to forgive those who are not giving their best shots and making them learn the lessons of life. Best part of life is that whatever is given will surely come back. The world is round and whatever around out will come around sooner or later.

Giving the best means that one more attempt is left. It means that try one more time and this time you will get the best of the best. If the best is not achieved that always remember that something is missing in it.

How to be the Best

In a project where there are several employees working together, for anyone to get the credit he/she to give the best. Best in terms of creativity, hard work, and timely completion and rest all the things which keep the project on going. The person who gives the best is the person who gets the credit.

Also in a family one should try to have the best of the interest for everyone and honest care. In relationships which are so delicate to handle if the best does not come out then it can have negative effects not only on the individual but also to the entire family.

The best part of being best is that to take a decision and to do something. When nothing is done then the best becomes worst. Also it takes courage to be the best individual.

The best person is the person who is hated by many, but he makes it sure that by achieving success he has to power to hate anyone. When the person is best he also has to bear the criticism of many people. There are thorns attached to every rose plant. But the desire to get rose is all something which everyone aspires to have. One has to be ready to make life worth and has to strive hard to get it.

Success is not that easy to achieve and handle. But the best individual with best abilities can only create history.

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