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Being too nice in a relationship can be toxic

Toxic, being too nice

It is good to be loving and caring in a relationship but being too nice to someone can bounce back at times. Your partner loves you when you treat him/her nice and value him/her but those who do not hesitate to sacrifice their self-respect to keep other happy usually fail to impress the love of their lives. If you are too nice in a relationship, you may start feeling like a loser.

Being too nice

If you make constant efforts to keep your partner happy without expecting anything in return, you must rethink over your options. Your own needs and requirements must be on top of your priority list, as you cannot love others if you don’t love and value yourself. Those who do not live their lives on their own terms end up running in a circle. The whole idea of sacrificing your own dreams for the sake of your partner may lead you to a life full of regrets.

Being too nice to your partner may have detrimental effects in your life since there are always different aspects to human personality:

You can’t be your true self and may annoy your partner too

It is good to be nice but no one can really be nice all the time. When you always try to put your best foot forward, your partner expects you to behave in the same manner even when you have so much on your mind. In an attempt to save your relationship, you fail to be your true self, which affect overall life satisfaction. Even the tendency to let your partner make important decisions may annoy him/her. He/she may get troubled by the pressure to make wise decisions. The arguments and conflicts of everyday life help you understand each other better.

You come across as a weak person and disappoint yourself

When you are too nice to others around you, they are more likely to take advantage. Those who let others call shots in their lives are usually people who have less or no faith in their own abilities and depend upon others to give a direction to their lives. Moreover, you expect the same love and respect that you give to others around you. If they do not live up to your expectations, which usually happen, you get utterly disappointed.

Being too nice makes your sincere efforts worthless

“You are too nice to me” is one of the most common phrases that people use while dumping their partners. If you are too nice from your partner’s point of view, you may be boring or someone who does not have the sex appeal. When you are too predictable and rely upon your partner to make important decisions of your life, you present portray yourself as weak and needy. You have to act confident and express your opinion to get the respect you deserve. If this not the case, you fail to impress your partner, no matter how hard you try.

Balance life with love

Do not hesitate to express your true feelings. Accept your true self as a human being has millions of other emotions except being nice and those who acknowledge each emotion live a complete life. You really cannot be happy if you are not your true self let alone keeping your partner happy. You like your partner to stand by your side but having his/her own identity is also a priority. Your partner also wishes the same for you and there is nothing wrong in it. Try to act out your true emotions, as it sure would not end the world.

Being a doormat hardly enables you to live a healthy and happy life. Your partner appreciates your efforts even more when you love yourself and acknowledge your emotions.

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